Harry And Meghan’s Royal Approval In Nottingham

With the news that Harry and Meghan are now joining the rest of us drinking in normal boozers, I have found the perfect pub for them in Nottingham.

Royal Children 20.12.19  (6).jpg

In fact, it’s got the perfect name so, when they are fully self sufficient, they can pop into the 519 – Royal Children NG1 7AT and have a pint with the rest of us non-royals.

Legend has it that this boozer was named for the children of the then Princess and later to be Queen Anne, the daughter of James II way back in the 1688 on the old Inn on this site.  It was rebuilt in 1933 and has stood here ever since.

Royal Children 20.12.19  (7).jpg

I’ve not turned into Nicholas Witchell and become the Lifeafterfootball royal correspondent, but I am expecting a big spike in my Canadian readership as Harry and Meg catch up on possible drinking dens when they visit the East Midlands; not flying of course, but by solar powered boat.

I think they are already booked in for knees up at The Stamford and Warrington in Coalville. Apparently Harry is a big fan of Pedigree and wet led boozers so the American soap star Duchess of Sussex will be necking the gin.

Royal Children 20.12.19  (1).jpg

And, with their big economy drive, then sub four quid pints will be a real bonus for Harry Windsor as we can now call him.

I visited the Royal Children on the Friday before Christmas when it was absolutely bucketing down and even the shopping areas weren’t that full due to the weather.

(gaffer at the bar)

Royal Children 20.12.19  (2).jpg

I didn’t spot Meghan in Poundland, but this was before the news broke of their impending financial hardship, so she may well have been shopping in John Lewis instead.

Harry hadn’t arrived at The RC…in fact no one had as I was the only punter at around 1pm and the gaffer, who was still in his parka and hood up, looked absolutely freezing.

There was one of those exciting hand written pump clips I know Martin likes,so I went for a pint of Seafarer from Griffin Brewery, which we all know is Fuller’s, and took a seat with some pumping tunes in the background.

Royal Children 20.12.19  (5).jpg

I think it was probably the first one out of the traps of the day as it was just OK.  The gaffer warmed up enough to put his hood down and was chatty whilst his colleague behind the bar was busy cleaning and eager to help.

Big screen TV, pool tables and I expect this place gets livelier of an evening as it is positioned by the caves of Nottingham and I spotted a Forest badge attached to the outside of the pub.

However, financial independence for Harry means he may have to start using the  new style of open plan toilet I encountered.

Royal Children 20.12.19  (4).jpg

It’s basically got urinals and one sit down loo that has no seat or door!

It’s in the middle of the toilet area so if you are caught short properly and needing a full clear out then you’d better be comfortable with an audience!

Of course, the new lifestyle adopted by Harry means this will become the norm and I’ve no doubt he will be necking pints of cask ale in royal sounding boozers in Nottingham city centre, as opposed to monarchy style functions in London.

To be fair to this boozer it was very friendly and the gaffer was a decent bloke who saw me off and gave me directions to my next port of call.  The toilets could probably do with a refurb – a door would be a good start – but I reckon this place gets lively when Forest are at home.

Welcome to the world of estate pubs and basic boozers Harry and Meghan – you’ll love it.


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