National Bass Day #NBD2020

The Wickingman has set the ball rolling  and even beer guru Roger Protz is on board for THE big event of 2020.


#NationalBassDay is taking place on Easter Saturday, April 11, which happens to coincide with William Bass buying his Burton brewery in 1777.  If AB InBev are looking for a marketing man to push Bass then the Wickingman AKA Ian Thurman must be top of their list.


That is assuming of course they are interested in the oldest trademarked drink in the world and they haven’t shown they are in recent times.


So, it’s down to the power of hashtags, twitter and beer blogs, along with word of mouth to ensure that this day occurs and I reckon even Duncan and Citra might indulge in a drop of Bass to celebrate #NationalBassDay.


If they are looking for a boozer to drink Bass  then they could do a lot worse then head to my new found favourite Derbyshire village of Breaston and have a pint in 521 – The Navigation DE72 3BP.


In fact, they could ask Pete Allen to come and pick them up on his boat as now he’s knocking back the Bass he could navigate a route to this place.


It’s a corker of a pub and I headed to the bar, as opposed to the lounge in this two-roomer.  A friendly bloke greeted me and informed that as long as he woke up every day he was happy and carried on with his pint and paper.



In the nicest possible sense it was a real throwback with afternoon opening and then a couple of hours closed and this approach seems to be working as it was pretty full at around 1:30 on a Thursday afternoon.


It looked a really well cared for boozer with a great atmosphere and plenty of people eating or drinking with white van men alongside retirees and ladies having a glug of lunchtime wine too.

Full pint Bass glasses were available but I had a half and it was terrific.  Fresh, sweet and crisp – exactly how Bass should be.


Two great local pubs in Breaston and still one more on the agenda but the real story of the day is that Bass is on the march once again and Billy Bass will be happy that almost 250 years on, his beer is still going strong.


11 thoughts on “National Bass Day #NBD2020

  1. On 11th April, I will probably be in Northampton (our Easter outing on the boat) and will happily have a pint of Bass if we find any!

    As for The Navigation – it is quite a walk from the Erewash Canal in Long Eaton or from the River Trent at Sawley, so my boating recommendation is…get a cab!

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  2. and I reckon even Duncan and Citra might indulge in a drop of Bass to celebrate #NationalBassDay.
    For my part I wouldn’t bet on it, unless it was for research purposes of course. 😉.

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  3. I am more in Citra’s camp on this one but only because it is so often not served in great condition. I am not someone who everything in the past was better than it is now but Bass was! But when it’s good it’s good.

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    1. You’ll be telling me that Worthington White Shield was better than Creamflow next 😉 to be fair it can be hit and miss and only started on Bass in 94 so suspect that was after halcyon period….it’s cracking when on form though 👍🔺

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