Give It Some Welly

I’m breaking off from the Breaston trilogy as FA Cup Fever is set to hit St Andrew’s in 12 days’ time as Birmingham travel to St Andrew’s for their Fourth round tie with Coventry.

Following Birmingham is comedy gold as regular readers of this blog will know but playing an away game at your home ground is possibly a first for us and a seat in the away end will be a novel experience.

Wellington 14.12.19  (6).jpg

I’m not sure if The Roost will be able to cope as Cov fans have been using it as their home boozer and it was rammed before the recent Baggies game at 11:30 in the morning!

Home fans only will be an interesting concept but DIgbeth and the city centre should pick up a fair bit of extra trade.

Wellington 14.12.19  (1).jpg

If punters are looking for a drink they could probably do worse than head for the Brum stalwart of real ale 522 – The Wellington B2 5SN.

Hard to believe now but Brum wasn’t overrun with cask ale houses or craft emporiums at the turn of the century but the arrival of The Welly in December 2004 was a real boon and it has been the benchmark ever since.

It’s now got two floors and one of the electronic ale boards that keeps you posted on the options available.

Wellington 14.12.19  (2).jpg

You can still take your own food in, which isn’t quite so groundbreaking these days, and it’s in prime position next to Pint Shop Brum.

Pubs come and go and fall in and out of favour and whilst this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea it is always fairly full with a bustling city centre atmosphere and attracts all sorts of clientele from beer bores, beer buffs, office workers, white van man and pretty much anyone else you can think of.

It was our penultimate port of call on the way back from a long day at the Blues/Albion game back in December and, as such, this post won’t contain a hug amount of detail!

What I can say is….it was packed…

Wellington 14.12.19  (4).jpg

…whichever way you looked…

Wellington 14.12.19  (3).jpg


…the beer board was working well…

Wellington 14.12.19 (2)

…and the HPA (Wye Valley) was excellent.

Wellington 14.12.19  (7).jpg

The atmosphere was terrific and like a proper pub should be…

Wellington 14.12.19  (8).jpg

Any beer tourist in Brum worth their salts will have been to The Welly but it was a long overdue visit and I might just pop in again after our march to Wembley picks up pace in 12 days time….


12 thoughts on “Give It Some Welly

  1. Did you know that The Wellington sells more Oakham Citra than anywhere else? (according to their Twitter feed!)

    Also, it’s a good job that it isn’t a 2-leg game vs Coventry…it would be terrible to lose on away goals…as happened many years ago (2003) to Inter Milan vs AC Milan in a Champions League semi-final!

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  2. That’s a very observant piece on the Welly. It does divide opinion.

    Been there half a dozen times since it opened and I vary between “oooh, shiny”, “ugh, smelly”, “oh, I’m pissed”, “too many beers” and “nice ales”.

    The upstairs room helped.

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  3. Didn’t realise the Welly was as ‘recent’ as 2004- longer in my head. The cup tie will be an odd experience. Hopefully it will be a cracking atmosphere despite every attempt in the last few years to downgrade the FA Cup.

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    1. Before 2004 (sometime in the 80’s), I remember it being a Courage pub (when they did a swap with M&B and Ansell’s). When it opened as a real ale pub it was something of a revelation in Birmingham as the city was a bit of a real ale desert and it was immediately very popular (but not with me as I was then purely a lager drinker!)

      With the recent upturn in real ale availability in Brum the Wellington has managed to hold it’s place as a prime attraction and is one of the few pubs that can justify having so many handpumps!

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  4. Hi Beermat – giving the recent trend for away victories at St Andrews, you might be glad that Blues are in the other dressing room for a change. Very fond of the Welly, one of my Birmingham mainstays and holding its own among the newer arrivals. Cheers, Paul

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