The Breaston Trilogy

Having discovered the delights of Breaston it only seemed fair to ensure I visited ALL the hostelries in this quintessential middle England village.

Breaston 09.01 (20)

Not only has it got a Village Green it is an Urban Village Winner in the competition organised by none other than the Derbyshire Rural Community Council – big time stuff eh.

Breaston 09.01 (19)

Even its Co Op is a pukka style building without one of those garish green signs at the front so the fact it’s got a trio of thriving boozers proves that the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire borderlands are the best for pubs in Britain.

Breaston 09.01 (18)

523 – The Chequers DE72 3DX is the village centre pub…

Breaston 09.01 (8)

…as it is situated in the midst of everything and, as such, was set up for a livelier night out.

Breaston 09.01 (2)

I bumped into two of the old boys who had been in the Bulls Head an hour earlier so nice to see the locals doing a Thursday afternoon pub crawl of Breaston Main Street.

Breaston 09.01 (12)

Beer was still the topic of their conversation so they would have been delighted with the half of XB (Theakston)…

Breaston 09.01 (13)

which was honey like, thick and creamy

Breaston 09.01 (7)

– the best beer of a very good selection in this village.

Breaston 09.01 (14)

A pool table, dart board, BT Sports, fruit machine and live music meant that this place would maybe where the young hipsters in Breaston (under the age of 50) hang out of a weekend.

Breaston 09.01 (17)

A short post but don’t let that put you off just how good Breaston is for pubs….one for the Southworths on their next visit.

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