Hipsters In Shelton Lock

Shelton Lock sounds like a New Zealand rugby player but, in fact, it is one of those Derby suburbs just off the A514.

(Crown, Crown & Arrows, New Bridge Inn and House of Darwin in pub order)

digimap_for_schools (1)

Sandwiched in between Allenton and Chellaston it is arguably lesser known than its two near neighbours but it does possess a couple of no nonsense boozers.

(NOT an Ember!)

Darwin 16.01.20 (19)

The Crown And Arrows was a classic estate pub with pints of GK IPA for the princely sum of £1:50 whilst the New Bridge Inn is a standard Marston’s Derby County boozer with Sky Sports, pool tables, dartboard and Pedigree.

Shelton Lock suggests the presence of a canal but before Pete, or Stirchley Pete as he is known in blogging circles, starts mapping out a route it is a lock on the Derby canal.

Darwin 16.01.20 (2)

This is the same canal that has The Navigation in Breaston adjacent to it and was shut down in the 1960s but there is a cycle path that covers it so maybe one for Rod and I to attempt in the summer after last year’s woeful attempt from Willington to Alrewas.

There is talk of the canal being brought back into use but I shan’t be holding my breath.

Darwin 16.01.20 (17)

As well as the two other boozers there is also a third in Shelton Lock that has undergone a new lease of life and couldn’t be any different from The Arrows and The Bridge!

As The Golden Pheasant, this place was a Hungry Horse/GK boozer that was definitely on the endangered list and it has been transformed into a gastro style pub known as the 525 – House of Darwin No 221 DE24 9EE

Darwin 16.01.20 (6)

It’s been under the House of Darwin stewardship since July 2017 so going strong and has a coffee/food/beer feel to it as opposed to just an earthy boozer.

Maybe this is something that the A514 needs (no I hear Russ cry from Canada) but it has an abundance of gritty pubs so a more relaxing pint is good the Allenton, Alvaston and Sinfin bourgeoisie.

It had a crowd behind me drinking coffee and a few mums with pushchairs alongside a couple of ladies drinking wine when I popped in on a Thursday at about 2pm.

Darwin 16.01.20 (13)

The rules are that you must always go for the handwritten pump (Blogging rule No. 478) so a pint of own badged No. 221 Classic Amber Ale was the option tucked away round the side with all the shiny fonts at the front of the bar.

But the lacings will tell you that it was a top notch pint and with a bit of Brand New Heavies style music in the background then it was very much a vibe to chill out too.

Darwin 16.01.20 (15)

Beermats have of course long gone to be replaced by napkins, which is the true sign of a gastropub, yet Mrs BB has been here and she loves this place so unless I write really nice things about it I be placed under a blogging ban at home!

Very different to its near neighbours and although about two miles away from The Crown it is a million miles away in style as a pocket of Shelton Lock becomes the new hipster venue for south Derbyshire.


2 thoughts on “Hipsters In Shelton Lock

  1. Definitely always go for the beer with a label designed by a child!

    This is A6 isn’t it? Real area of mystery to me. Remember a Steaming Billy pub that way but that’s it.

    Most GBG pubs in Derby are very central.

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