Pick (And Davy) Of The Pubs

I know most readers of this blog are renowned orators and wordsmiths and have honed in on the fact D H Lawrence, the famous English writer and poet, was born in Eastwood.

Gritty former mining town it may be, but it will be forever associated with poetry…however, I reckon readers will be more intrigued to know that Eastwood is home to Tony Woodcock.


That’s right, the former England international and Nottingham Forest legend who looks younger NOW than when he played, would have missed the explosion of micro pubs that has reached this area.

In Tony’s era, Eastwood Hall was the HQ of British Coal whilst The Man In Space pub (now Sainsbury’s) featured in Carry On At Your Convenience (I reckon Bernard Bresslaw was a Bass man) although I suspect Woodcock would probably have been in Nottingham City centre celebrating with European Cup with Kenny Burns and the boys!


Eastwood Collieries’ Male Voice Choir are still running and one of the oldest surviving colliery choirs in the United Kingdom and I reckon they would be singing their approval of the 527 – Pick & Davy NG16 3GS.

Just over the road from The Greasley Castle in the Hilltop region of Eastwood this was a cracking, friendly boozer that is mining themed and been open around 16 months.

The barmaid was really friendly and chatty and another couple waxed lyrical too. They told me they had moved here (from down south it sounded like) and loved the micropub scene.


Apparently, you can catch the ‘rainbow bus’ and it deposits you to lots of boozers on the Eastwood/Kimberley/Langley Mill trail.  This also gives me a chance to show the map again, and I know Dave likes his maps.

digimap_for_schools (3)

I plumped for half an Inferno (Oakham) and it was excellent but the barmaid then gave me a tiny taster of Pale Ale (Stancill), which was even better.


A couple of lads came in and a conversation sparked up and I put my neck on the line and said go for the Stancill.

Ten seconds later he was in agreement and threatening to have a few with his pal as the day unfolded!

The couple, who were now one as his wife had gone out for a fag, said words to effect of “I love these places as everyone just talks to each other.”


He was spot on. Friendly, chatty, good beer and open all day – what more do you want from a boozer?

21 thoughts on “Pick (And Davy) Of The Pubs

  1. Just a curiosity question: how many people would list Lawrence as a poet and writer? I do as well but most people I know just say writer. Survey for your fan base…

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  2. Hi Beermat, it does seem ironic that a pub which appeared in Carry On At Your Convenience should end up as a convenience store. Very impressed that you somehow managed to combine DH Lawrence, Tony Woodcock and Bernard Bresslaw all in the same post, definitely ticking the highbrow/lowbrow boxes there. Can’t go wrong with Oakham Inferno but I do like the Stancill stuff on the rare occasions I encounter it. Cheers, Paul

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    1. I have visions of the whole Carry On gang getting stuck into a lot of beer after filming …..I could have chucked in Jeff Astle for good measure as apparently he is an Eastwood boy too! However, that would have alienated my Wolves reader!!
      Nice one


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