This is a bit of a tidy up post filling in on a recent trip to the smoke and starting an occasional “pint of the month” series.

Occasionally Mrs BB lets me off the leash and I can venture outside the Midlands and I can lose the crown of “most parochial beer blog in Britain.”

London Spoons (8)

A recent trip to London for work gave me the opportunity to visit a few boozers but also to celebrate the Spoons.

London Spoons (1)

I don’t know why these boozers seem to polarise opinion so much….every time I venture into a city with proper subsidised travel and cosmopolitan prices it is good to find I can still get a pint of Beer for less than three quid.

London Spoons (2)

The Metropolitan Bar near Marylebone Station was just as you would imagine a spoons should be. Lots of characters, lots of chat and lots of punters.

I know IPA from Greene King isn’t universally regarded as the go to beer for a generation but it was decent enough

London Spoons (5)

and if I wasn’t jumping on a train I would definitely have stopped for more.

London Spoons (9)

There was even a bloke warming up and stretching off before his drinking session – where else would you get that?

London Spoons (10)

Probably the doyen of all spoons pubs for atmosphere and sheer numbers I’ve visited is The Square Peg in Brum although one of the best buildings is undoubtedly The Standing Order in Derby.

London Green Man (1)

Staying with the theme of good boozers in London then I’ve got to flag up The Green Man in Edgeware Road.

I recently paid a visit to the Five Lamps in Derby where the barman wouldn’t change the pint when I thought it wasn’t quite right.

I’m not a serial complainer but I thought the Sambrook’s was on the turn and the barman said “I’m not sure but happy to change it for you.”

London Green Man (2)

Fantastic! Great customer service and he replaced with a good pint of TEA and the place was ticking over nicely.

London The Globe (2)

The Globe completed the trio of London solid boozers although it was the Gamma Ray (Beavertown) in here, which was a bit more like London pricing but a boozer with a good turnover of punters…

London The Globe (3)

As good as all these pints were I have to flag up Molson Coors and a pub in Smisby for delivering the pint of the month.

Smisby Beer of the Month (3)

Smisby Arms in Smisby, a tiny hamlet in Leicestershire was responsible for the best lacings in January and a stonker of a pint.

Smisby Beer of the Month (5)

Things Can Only Get Bitter is the beer

Smisby Beer of the Month (1)

and if you see it, I suggest you indulge!!


4 thoughts on “Spoons!

  1. Well there’s a major part of the reason right there: ‘… was just as you would imagine a spoons should be…’

    If I’ve travelled some distance with any intention of visiting a pub, the last thing I want is to know what I’m going to get because it’s much the same everywhere. Other the the ball-bag that owns Wetherspoon, I’m not specifically anti-‘spoons, I’m generally unimpressed with ‘all’ chain bars and won’t choose them if there’s a decent enough independently run boozer available.

    Whilst we all have our favourites, there’s nothing better for me than pushing open the door on a pub I’ve never been in before, especially if it turns out to be unexpectedly good. This little thrill of new is not what I get with a high street chain, it’s as thrilling as popping into a Greggs for a cheap re-fuel, and I ‘like’ Greggs…

    Drinking on-license beer is expensive, even in Wetherspoon if you drink as much as I can on a full afternoon out, so it’s got to be better than ‘consistently the same’, no matter how pretty the ex-bank/cinema/Woolworth

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “if you drink as much as I can on a full afternoon out,” is exactly the sort of comments I love to read on this blog!!!! Duly noted about it being a chain but I reckon it’s the best chain pub….You can’t beat a ‘new find’ I agree on that one my good man.


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