Do The Dog

“All you punks and all you teds
National Front and natty dreads
Mods, rockers, hippies and skinheads
Keep on fighting ’til you’re dead

Take your F.A. aggravation
Fight it out on New Street Station
Master racial masturbation
Causes National Front frustration”


Any Specials gurus out there will know these lyrics are from “Do The Dog,” second track from the Specials eponymously titled debut album released back in 1979.

Do The Dog was full of angst, anger, energy and I reckon Kimberley would have been the sort of town that loved The Specials.

At that time a mining town, Jerry Dammers and the boys would have had the place rocking although 41 years on, it’s hard to imagine.


Where have all the angst ridden bands gone? Has X-Factor and Capital Radio (as sung about by The Clash in 1977) finally won? Is there even an underground music movement anymore?

Does anyone reading the blog care?

All these questions weren’t on my mind as I continued my wander through Kimberley. It has a mighty fine war memorial…


…a pretty nifty ‘welcome to’ sign…


and a plethora of pubs.

(filters for Mudgie)


Having visited two old school classics it was time to pop into a revamped (May 2019) boozer now called 531 – The Dog House NG16 2NG

It’s a raised building that you can’t miss as you walk down the main drag and, like The Nelson and Railway or The Cricketers Rest, you can watch all your favourite sporting action.


I have to say settling down to watch Bangladesh and New Zealand in the U19 cricket World Cup was my idea of heaven but I know that Dick and Dave will be wondering what I am talking about.


This place was modern and I suspect Kimberley’s bright young things might head towards this boozer of a weekend with its funky food menu, layout and friendly staff.

(Keg sinks anyone?)


I had a half of the home badged Dog Bitter, which was good and tasted very similar to the Hardy & Hanson’s bitter in the Nelson…as this place is owned by GK then it is possible it all comes out of the same pot.


The staff were friendly and the place was chilled on a Thursday afternoon but, the noticeable difference to the old school boozers was the fact there were less punters in it.

A couple of young lads on the Carling were in the corner but that was it…it’s a dilemma for pubs…do they modernise and try and attract a younger crowd? (A bit like The Hundred in cricket) Or do they stay as they are and run the risk of their punters dying off over time?


This blog is likely to win the award for most pointless questions posed in one post but not to worry – here’s a bit of Terry and the boys from back in their heyday.

9 thoughts on “Do The Dog

    1. That takeover is looming! There will be one gigantic pot stretching from wolves to Burton full of hops that brews every pint in Britain!
      I need to increase my death core metal consumption for anger!
      Yes great to see Bangladesh win and no doubt means England will lose there for the next decade 🙄


  1. Went in there in September 2018 when it was still the Lord Clyde and it was desperate so I’m not surprised they’ve tried to change the offering.

    By the way, it’s the Nelson & Railway !

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  2. Ah yes (thanks Pete) it was the Lord Clyde. The thing is with ageing is that angst ridden bands disappear from
    the vision of many over 40s (a common medical problem). Adding to Martin’s suggestions have a listen to The Murder Capital.

    Liked by 1 person

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