No Rest In Chasetown

Chasetown definitely falls under Paul WME/Stan Collymore territory as it’s ex mining stock heading towards the Black Country (cue Black Country gurus Carl and Len to tell me otherwise) and it did have a famous football team.

Miners 12.02.20 (26)

I’m pretty sure Duncan would have visited Church Street, home of the Scholars on his travels as they still hold the record for the lowest ranked team ever to reach the third round of the FA Cup.

(car with distinctive number plate…read on)

Miners 12.02.20 (25)

2008 was their time and you couldn’t switch on the TV or radio without seeing Charlie Blakemore, erstwhile Chasetown manager, waxing lyrical about their achievements.

Miners 12.02.20 (18)

Football certainly put Chasetown on the map and it’s not far from Cannock Chase although, it would be classed as possessing more urban beauty than it’s near neighbour.

Miners 12.02.20 (10)

However, you’d be hard pushed to find a better looking locals pub in the whole of the Chase than the 532 – Miners Rest WS7 4QS

Miners 12.02.20 (30)

It was taken over by Joule’s in 2012 and I have to say they do a remarkably good job of fitting out boozers and it has all the paraphernalia you’d expect from a pub of theirs.

Miners 12.02.20 (5)

A pool table, dart board…

Miners 12.02.20 (6)

…classic bench seating, wooden panelling, stained glass windows and a real sense of tradition allied to a good sized pub garden and cobs only as opposed to food.

Miners 12.02.20 (8)

Of course, I should also mention the beer and at around 1pm on Wednesday afternoon, the Pale Ale (Joule’s) was in great nick and hit the spot.

Miners 12.02.20 (2)

A pub is only as good as its gaffer of course and the bloke running this place was a gem.

Miners 12.02.20 (14)

There were two barflies chatting with him when I arrived but he got me involved in the conversation and one of the regulars claimed he had eaten an expensive steak that came from a cow that was massaged with beer!

Miners 12.02.20 (21)

Proper pub chat and the subsequent p*** taking that followed was funny and the gaffer was a welcoming feller. We spoke about Joule’s pubs and he is a fan of The Cooper’s Tavern and he said this place ticked over in the day during the week and had a lot of evening and weekend trade.

Miners 12.02.20 (15)

Apparently, there is a massive housing estate at the back of the fields and he said that attracted in a lot of punters and created a good atmosphere.

(blast from the past)

Miners 12.02.20 (20)

He was clearly proud of the pub and his punters and said open mic nights were also a success but it looked like a well kept place with a lot of TLC and a good community spirit

Most Joule’s pubs I’ve seen before have been in the town or city centre and it is great to see one thriving as a local with a dart board and a pool table.

Miners 12.02.20 (22)

I did note the Merc outside the pub had the number plate 5OTV so it may be that there was a Blues fan residing inside – all the way over here, who’d have thought it?

Miners 12.02.20 (28)

Definitely a pub to have the craic in and also plenty of nooks and crannies to escape if you fancy a quiet five minutes. The perfect local.

12 thoughts on “No Rest In Chasetown

    1. Joules do a great job with pubs and this is their first local I’ve found…cobs only pal so may not have been sufficient! 😉 Yes read your burntwood piece which was excellent and will use it to inspire my visit to same pub!!!


  1. Hi Beermat, yes it definitely falls under WME territory which makes it all the more remiss of me never to have done it!! In fairness, Joule’s were in the process of refurbishing it on one of the occasions I intended to visit, and I tend to get distracted by the Uxbridge Arms otherwise. I have a few boozers still to try in Chase Terrace and Burntwood which, along with the Miners Rest should give me enough excuse for a walk around the reservoir.
    Incidentally, Chasetown FC became more recently known in blogging circles thanks to Blackpool Jane ( which remains one of my favourite real football blogs even though there’s a lot of gravy going on. Cheers, Paul

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Was just discussing Jane with BeerMat.

      I don’t have favourites, But Jane is my favourite food and ⚽ blogger. I love the little illustrations of tickets and chips she dots her blog with.

      Mind, they’re a bit long, LAF is just the right length 👍

      Liked by 1 person

    2. It’s rather handily on the new national express bus route to Lichfield which came in about a year ago (10A I think) although catching it from Walsall it feels like it takes a day to get to Lichfield.

      Liked by 2 people

    3. I can’t believe I’ve been to a pub the ‘other side’ of the A38 before you!!! It’s worth the visit as a terrific well kept pub.
      Yes, remiss of me not to mention Jane in the copy as I like her blog and had forgotten she was also Chasetown Guru as well as Blackpool’s finest pub blogger!!


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