Branston’s Bass

With Martin lodging a complaint at the Beer Blogging Corporation regarding American bias on this blog I thought I’d cover all bases and post something now.

With the time in Minneapolis six hours behind here then there is no chance of Dave commenting in the next three hours as he doesn’t get up before midday.

Blacksmiths 12.02.20 (13)

Which means Martin gets first dibs at another, I repeat another Bass House. Just in case anyone wasn’t aware, National Bass Day is looming on April 11 2020.

Blacksmiths 12.02.20 (2)

What started as a cult (that’s cult Russ if you’re reading) with The Wickingman at its helm is rapidly gathering more pace and thanks to the efforts of Ian Webster AKA The Beertonian on FB as well, then people are really taking interest.

Not InBev of course as they’re still not bothered about Bass and promoting it but it’s getting so popular at grass roots level that even The Wickingman is worried!


However, there is no denying a smattering of interest is out there although it’s not quite as high as the clamour for the return of Stones Bitter.

Blacksmiths 12.02.20 (12)

One area you can usually count on to deliver Bass is that Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire cluster that is pumping it out and on the rise.

Take Branston for example. A town in its own right is often tagged on as an afterthought to Burton and it’s as close as Shirley to Solihull if you’re thinking of a West Midlands version.

(classic #publife)

Blacksmiths 12.02.20 (7)

Burton does have some excellent boozers, as the B&PF are set to find out in a fortnight but Branston can certainly deliver a good local.

536 – The Blacksmiths Arms DE14 3EY is slap bang in the middle of the main street and you can’t miss it.

Blacksmiths 12.02.20 (1)

It’s a glorious looking pub that has apparently been there for the best part of 70 years although there has been some form of pub on the site since the 1850s.

It’s open plan but is very much one side food with tables and cutlery whilst the other is bench seating, beermats, dartboards and big screens for sports.

Blacksmiths 12.02.20 (10)

The barman was friendly, the amber nectar known as Bass was outstanding and it seemed like the perfect village/suburb local.

Blacksmiths 12.02.20 (6)

It even had a friendly old couple having a  minor ding dong as the old boy kept on telling his better half to stop muttering as he couldn’t hear her…

…this one looked like it had run for the best part of 70 years but there were plenty of smiles and if I’m still having a drink with Mrs BB in the local at that age then I’ll be delighted…even if I can’t hear her (cue Frank Carson gag)!

Blacksmiths 12.02.20 (5)

There’s not much else to say except that on a Wednesday afternoon there were enough people in there to see how it’s still viable and it looks like Bass is on the march.

If you’re thinking of going somewhere to celebrate #NBD2020 then a day in The Blacksmiths Arms is a mighty fine option!


13 thoughts on “Branston’s Bass

  1. Dave sets his alarm by your blog ! I actually woke up at 5.30 am, read a blog then fell asleep. Old age. Talking of which, nice almost sepia effect there.

    Astonishing amount of Bass in these pubs, or put another way an astonishing lack of homebrew.

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  2. You’ve convinced me to seek out Bass at a nearby establishment here in the States on the 11th. Won’t be on cask (too much to ask for) but the spirit will be the same.

    Liked by 1 person

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