Shobnall’s C&W Classic

You just never know what’s round the corner in this pub blogging lark. There I was, minding my own business at Burton’s only Premier Athletics track, Shobnall Leisure Centre, when I caught a shaft of light.

Sub-zero temperatures mean watching athletics can be a test of character and a bit of liquid refreshment in a warm room is definitely acceptable under #publife rule no. 176.

I had to navigate past Robirch FC…

Shobnall Brewery 20.02.20 (22)

…surely one for Duncan to notch up as a groundhop and walk around 150 yards to the Brewers Saloon.

Well I say the Brewers Saloon, but it is in fact a Country and Western Club every Thursday at 539 – Shobnall Sports and Social Club DE142BB.

Shobnall Brewery 20.02.20 (17)

What are the chances? It looked fairly innocuous as I approached and there was a real wooden social hut style feel to it but, in true Shobnall fashion, it had Pedigree (Marston’s) on the bar.

Shobnall Brewery 20.02.20 (8)

It also had one of those terrific old school food boards where you can buy Freddos for 25p, Mars bars for 80p and even nickers for 80p…

Shobnall Brewery 20.02.20 (6) - Copy

…which seems remarkably good value!

Mind you, this is literally in the shadow of the huge Marston’s building so a decent beer on the bar is a must.

Shobnall Brewery 20.02.20 (5)

It was very good too and even though it was half it was in great nick. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had a bad scoop of Pedigree so, like Bass, maybe it is in the middle of a resurgence (if Richard was still with us he would argue against that point vehemently of course!).

I was unaware of any theme night when I walked in as I only popped my head through into the main function room.

Shobnall Brewery 20.02.20 (9)

But I clocked the sort of tunes you used to hear on the first series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet when Barry drove around Dussledorf on his motorbike and inadvertently catch one of the group behaving in a clandestine fashion.

I then spotted lots of cowboy style hats  as punters navigated the puddles in the car park and it looked like it was going to be a night of loud tunes.

I can’t pretend I’m a big C&W fan but I do like music so fair play to people who have the passion to come out on a dark grim night in Shobnall to a social club to listen to a live band.

Of course it was The Wonder Stuff who invented C&W with the Golden Green track on their Hup album (did I mention I watched them in Brum over Xmas…) so I’ve got some idea of the genre.

Shobnall Brewery 20.02.20 (6)

There is a screen for live sports but as it was Thursday night and no games were on there was something else on the box. The barmaid and the bloke doing the accounts appeared to be the only people in there not wearing a cowboy hat, although I had removed my perfectly badged hat too.

Shobnall Brewery 20.02.20 (11)

Looking at their FB page it is a club open all week with pool, dominoes, crib and poker so should be right up Mark’s street and of course the football team/parents come in for a drink post match.  It’s even got a Space Invaders machine!

(more blurred pictures!)

Shobnall Brewery 20.02.20 (14)

It reminded me of my youth and many visits to social clubs with a front bar and then a cavernous back room with events on.

Yes, it could probably do with a bit of sprucing up in places but the beer was good, it is serving the local community and is a throwback of a positive kind.

15 thoughts on “Shobnall’s C&W Classic

  1. Funny you mentioned AWP, it’s exactly what I was thinking of as I started to read this. Although I was thinking of the C&W bar in the 2nd series, set in deepest darkest Derbyshire.
    “Big Willy Osbourne”

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