When The Boat Comes In – Our Kid

Brummies here, Brummies there, Brummies every *******where la la la la la la la la la la went the terrace chant back in the eighties (that is the correct amount of la’s!)

Of course, anyone reading this who has stuck with me since the start of this blog will know this is the same intro as the post on both The Bagot Arms and The Smisby Arms

The basic premise is that I stumble across an exiled Birmingham City fan in the pub trade running a boozer that isn’t in Brum.

Belper Boat 14.02.20 (11)

It’s genius really but the fact that after 540 pubs I only have three entries shows you the limited appeal of this particular series.

Nonetheless, after meeting Craig and Dave (1) it is time to introduce you to Birmingham City fan and pub landlord #3 Dave (2).

Belper Boat 14.02.20 (4)

Just as an aside ……Bill did point out that this song was also used to celebrate former Everton gaffer Gordon Lee so I expect a big spike in my Merseyside readership (no tourist fans at Goodison Park) after this intro.


However, this Blues fan is more of a ‘name’ on the pub scene as he is also AKA the Pub Defender. Anyone who reads the next paragraph from his pub defender website will agree with pretty much all of his sentiment.

Belper Boat 14.02.20 (2)

“The Pub Co business model is a sophisticated scam to exploit those who do not have the same level of support or sophistication that the Pubco has.

For over 20 years the relationship between Licensees and Brewers or Pub Owning Companies has been a one sided one identified by four Business and Industry Government reports, with the balance of risk and reward being firmly on the side of the Pubco.”

Not only is Dave Mountford a font of knowledge and mover and shaker on the pubco front, he is also a font of knowledge on Birmingham City.

I first met Dave when he was managing the Rising Sun in Middleton and he cobbled together a motley crew to play against a Birmingham City old boys team at Matlock Town.

Belper Boat 14.02.20 (9)

Some people might suggest that 10-1 victory in my forties was in fact, one of the highlights of my career, I couldn’t possibly comment!

Anyways, Dave is a top bloke, still a season ticket holder even though he lives and runs a top notch boozer in Cromford in the Peak District.

Belper Boat 14.02.20 (1)

540 – The Boat Inn DE4 3QF is a cracking boozer in Cromford, which is sandwiched between Belper and Matlock.

In fact, in breaking news that will please Dave, there is a bus route style trilogy looming on this blog incorporating a zig zag pass courtesy of Trent Barton Bus Company.

This pub was part of this route but, as everyone knows, Birmingham City links usurp anything else on the blog and therefore it MUST be a standalone post.

The Boat is in the Derbyshire Dales village of Cromford and affords some glorious views.

Belper Boat 14.02.20 (12)

The boozer itself has been there in various guises since 1828 and has a small snug, a dining room and a function room but it still feels very much like a ‘proper’ pub.

Sky/BT, live music, pie night, steak night, quiz night and a lively atmosphere mean this place is great and much more than a honeypot for walkers and tourists.

My pal and I had a good chat with Dave and he waxed lyrical about Birmingham City, pub life, pubcos and life in general. Like all good pub gaffers he makes you feel at ease and time flew by.


The pub world needs more landlords like this as he cares about his pub, works hard to keep it in good order and is a constant whirl of ideas and plans.

Just to add to the good news, beer at The Boat is terrific and we had a cracking pint each of Moonshine (Abbeydale).

I’m sure Dave was celebrating Birmingham’s point at Millwall last night with a drop of amber nectar as, like all good Blues fans, he knows that celebrating avoiding relegation to Division Three is the new norm!

A great pub well worth a visit and unless anyone knows any different, possibly the last Brummies Here, Brummies There instalment….

12 thoughts on “When The Boat Comes In – Our Kid

  1. I still have not visited the Valley of Beer, but the whole area really seems rich with pubs. I find the people in the pubs the most gregarious of any area in the UK that I have visited. They’re just shaking to chat with people. And it really feels genuine.

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  2. I know Its horses for courses but I can relate to and enjoy reading about this type of proper boozer than a multitude of estate pubs and Ember Inn type outlets, all part of the rich tapestry of life I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

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