Zig Zag To The Peaks: Part 3 – Parking The Bus

The final leg of our Zig Zag to the Peaks saw us in Belper Bus Station before taking in the 6.1 to Derby Bus station and then the V3 back to Repton.

This gives me another excuse to show this map

digimap_for_schools (1)

and I wasn’t going to mention the Zig Zag ticket again but (a) I am after a sponsorship deal for this blog and (b) old codger Thurman – aka The Wickingman – has told me about an even bigger bargain available to the over 60s.

(Backstreet Belper boozers)

Belper Kings Head 14.02.20 (2)

Whilst that might be good for ‘middle aged’ punters such as Taylor, Mudgie, Mackay, Dave, Dick, Paul Bailey and Stafford Paul, whippersnappers such as my good self, Mark, Citra, Paul WME, Shepshed Pete and Stirchley Pete will have to stick to this unlimited bus travel in Derby for £6.

Matlcok Bath, Cromford and Belper had all been ‘tested’ out and whilst we thought about a finale in Derby we decided another couple in Belper would do the trick.

Belper Kings Head 14.02.20 (6)

Duncan can often be seen in a stripey t-shirt whatever the weather and John and I found further proof that all Scotsman are hard as nails as we approached the 545 – Old Kings Head DE56 1NP

Belper Kings Head 14.02.20 (7)

This feller, who was with his partner, was wearing the bare minimum and it was absolutely Baltic! Apparently he was from Dundee (the boys from Tannadice beat Barcelona once) and reckoned it was a mild evening!!

Belper Kings Head 14.02.20 (9)

My drinking buddy was impressed as he spotted some live folk music on the agenda in the future but this place was a two-roomer and very much two different rooms.

Belper Kings Head 14.02.20 (11)

The front bar was lively and offered a decent pint of either 61 Deep (Marston’s) or Pedigree (Marston’s)

(best league in the world?)

Belper Kings Head 14.02.20 (17)

but the lure of England’s (at the time unconfirmed) T20 victory against South Africa in the back room just won out.

Belper Kings Head 14.02.20 (1)

There were less people in the back room but it was bloke heavy and very much sports experts as each shot/delivery/fielding was unpicked and analysed through a beer haze, which always makes the game seem far easier!

Belper Kings Head 14.02.20 (14)

A top notch back street local boozer wasn’t our final stop off…

(drinking buddy warming up his vocal chords)

Belper Kings Head 14.02.20 (4)

…as we thought we should try one more before the Bus Station beckoned.

Belper Arkwrights 14.02.20 (12)

546 – Arkwright’s DE56 1AP is tucked away beneath the Strutt Club in the centre of Belper and a one roomed small place with a buzzing, town centre atmosphere.

Belper Arkwrights 14.02.20 (9)

It’s got a no kids policy and is usually lively…

Belper Arkwrights 14.02.20 (8)

whilst I had a good debate about beer with a purple haired lady who, along with her bloke, were fans of the dark beer variety.

Belper Arkwrights 14.02.20 (7)

Mind you, it wasn’t the sort of place to just talk about beer as there was music on and a real town centre feel to it with a good crew of smokers outside.

Belper Arkwrights 14.02.20 (2)

I had a very decent pint of Blonde Protagonist (Alter Ego) and soaked up the atmosphere that was just starting to bubble.

Belper Arkwrights 14.02.20 (1)

So, a remarkably good day in the Derbyshire Dales/Peaks drew to a close and we were back at a decent time.

Belper Arkwrights 14.02.20 (5)

Well worth a trip if you’re in the East Midlands and I’ve only just scratched the surface of possibles on this bus route…

10 thoughts on “Zig Zag To The Peaks: Part 3 – Parking The Bus

      1. I’m starting to think I’m the only one who can see them…

        To be fair, one alley is hidden upstairs in the function room, the other in the garden so you probably wouldn’t have spotted them. By the way, the Arkwright has an alley too, as does the (pre-emptive alley) George & Dragon. You must have spotted the one at the G&D!…

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