Never Mind The B&PF – Here’s The Hilton Brook!

With all the excitement of attending my first Beer &Pubs Forum Big Day Out, albeit for one pub only, it is clear to me I have some work to do on the blogging front.

These boys were Premier League as, after a full day on it in Burton,I joined them in The Roebuck (post to follow once I’ve blagged some pictures read all the other bloggers’ work) and the conversation was remarkably coherent!


I’m normally in full drivel mode after about eight pubs but full credit to Stafford Paul, Mudgie, Sheffield Hatter, Paul Bailey and Stirchley Pete who were in cracking form.

Rumours that the Wickingman had been stretchered out are unconfirmed as he may well have gone for a curry with Martin in Apne instead!


Anyway, the list of the boozers reeled off by our intrepid group of beer gurus was impressive so I don’t think I would have tempted them to pay a visit to 548 – Hilton Brook DE65 5JR.


The likes of The Elms, The Devonshire Arms and The Coopers Tavern were all ticked off by the boys but being the Midlands tenth best beer blogger** means I seek out those less well publicised hostelries.


Hilton is one of those rarities in Derbyshire in that it is actually underpubbed! When you think of the small conurbations such as Holbrook with its three boozers and Sawley with around half a dozen then Derbyshire usually punches well above its weight.

(Blue dot marks the spot)

digimap_for_schools (9)

Hilton had eight thousand punters at the last census in 2011 but I reckon it’s almost double that now such are the amount of houses being thrown up.


The Old Talbot is a ‘Bass from the jug’ classic old boozer and The Kings Head is a Marston’s local but that seems to be about it.


Apart from the Hilton Brook, which is situated on the edge of the shopping precinct with a chippie, tanning shop, estate agents, chemists, Mini Tesco and Domino’s Pizza all thriving and no empty shop units.

(lots of chimney pots…)

digimap_for_schools (7)

Hilton is also home to the Don Amott Leisure Kingdom and Talbot Turf, who have been involved with Pride Park, Wembley Stadium and the Olympic Stadium.

Anyway, that’s the history lesson complete and I know you want to hear all about the Generous George Marston’s ‘new build’ as opposed to those classic traditional pubs in Burton.


However, on Tuesday evening at around 6.45 the place was reasonably full and had a distinct two sides in an open plan style as is the Marston’s way these days.

The left was lots of alcoves and interactive kids’ style stuff with pizzas/ice cream and focusing more on food.


To the right was a pool table, TV screens and punters who were there for a drink including me and it was a very decent pint of Wainwrights (Thwaites) once again.


I’ve been in to this place a few times with Mrs BB and the kids and on my own and it’s always got a decent atmosphere and does feel like a local, albeit a rebranded Generous George version.


It often seems to be a starting point for people on a Friday/Saturday night before heading into Derby and the shopping precinct proves there is plenty of disposable income in Hilton and I reckon this boozer will stand the test of time.

**as voted by the B&PF after six pubs – except for Stafford Paul who had visited eight as per special Stafford dispensation.


10 thoughts on “Never Mind The B&PF – Here’s The Hilton Brook!

  1. Was good to meet you, BB. It was a great day out, and the icing on the cake was my convoluted “Split-Ticketing” trains all ran to time (apart from the local South Eastern ones in Kent).

    This meant my journey to and from Burton was as enjoyable as the rest of the day – but in a different way, of course!

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