Self Isolation In Marston Montgomery

With all the news surrounding coronavirus and self-isolation then I thought it is about time to visit an ‘isolated village.’

In fact, I even visited the new Lidl at Chellaston this week as I thought I should buy some ‘emergency beer’ just in case lockdown means I can’t leave the crib for the next fortnight.


It was on my boycott list as Marston’s knocked down a perfectly good local the Rose And Crown to shove up a supermarket in an area that already has at least three in just over a mile!

Anyway, I digress and whilst the CAMRA whatpub? Website isn’t always the barometer of accuracy it says that 550 – The Crown Inn DE6 2FF is “in an isolated village but a popular pub.”


It’s in the marvellously named Marston Montgomery, which sounds as though he could be a major or general from a bygone era.


It’s sandwiched between Ashbourne/Uttoxeter and Rocester in terms of larger conurbations, but it’s well off the beaten track once you leave the A515.

digimap_for_schools (8)

The South Derbyshire Dales is its official setting and it just oozes Middle England. A church, a pub and a supportive local community but even they can’t talk about anything else apart then #Covid19.

It’s a great boozer although, understandably given its location, it is set up for food rather than just beer. It’s one of those classic quintessential British pubs in Derbyshire that offers accommodation…


I’ve been watching reruns of Auf Wiedersehen Pet 2 and the magnificent seven stopped in a country pub in north Derbyshire called The Barley Mow (I wonder where that was?) and this reminded me a little bit of that place in being the focal point of the community.


The beer was terrific and I had a pint of Ground Breaker (Uttoxeter Brewing Company) that almost had an oatmeal kind of taste and was truly outstanding.


The barmaid was friendly and chatty and we agreed this could be my last pint before pubs were put into lockdown!


However, Lulu came to the rescue with “Locomotion,” before a bloke came in with his son and started discussing toilet rolls, #covid19 hysteria and people scuffling in shops over a pint of Stella.


#publife…long may it continue!

14 thoughts on “Self Isolation In Marston Montgomery

  1. You hope not too many pubs fail due to the coronavirus. So many are on a razor edge during good times that this issue could have a major effect. Fingers crossed that they survive it.

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  2. Was that the pub in Auf Wiedersehen Pet, where Dennis, Oz and the lads bricked up the front door, because the landlord was such a stuck up and insufferable snob?

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    1. 1983, wow! Must look out for that Auf Wiedersehen Pet series on DVD, as I’m sure the VHS version, still lurking at the back of the cupboard, will have disintegrated by now.

      Classic stuff!

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