Meeting Up With Pub Blogging Legends

Before the great pub lockdown of 2020 (you read it here first) the Bloggers League Table were jostling for points after a day out in Burton.

Of course, Stafford Paul would be the runaway leader if he blogged and would be so many points clear then the 2019/20 title would be his.


Mudgie upset the apple cart with a massive points haul for not only organising the Beer & Pubs Forum Big Day Out but also being remarkably coherent after 6pm and subsequently penning a top notch review – read it here.

Pushing for the top four will be Pete Allen who gets bonus points for being from Birmingham and being the quizmaster in not one, two but three Ember Inns boozers in Brum. Throw into the mix he took this picture….(thanks Pete)

burton - roebuck

…and managed to neck cask and Carling with equal panache.

However, he has yet to blog on this day out so has been hit with a points deduction from CAMRA/UEFA.

Paul surged up the league table with bonus points accrued for travelling from Kent, writing a cracking report – read it here – and taking some top notch pictures.

The Sheffield Hatter was great value and not only supports Luton – so gets extra points for David Pleat’s shoes in 1982 – but was coherent and a great font of knowledge around the inner workings of 381 – The Roebuck Inn DE14 1BT where I caught up with all the crew.

(Rod in full flow a year ago)


It was a revisit and I’d not been here since my infamous failed cycling trip with Rod over a year ago but I managed to stop myself teetering into the relegation zone with a cameo appearance.

Mudgie quite rightly described me as elusive in his blog but a pint of Bass and 45 minute cameo in The Roebuck put me above Martin and The Wickingman.

Martin was riding high at the top of the table after a prolific year of blogging but his no show meant a collapse of Newcastle United proportions in 1996 sees him slip towards the bottom of the table.


The Wickingman has been legendary with his promotion of National Bass Day – read it here – but ducking out of a Bass drink with BB to have a Chicken Dhansak in Apne propelled him Burton Albion style into the relegation zone.

So, in a nutshell, I met up with a top group of blokes who showed the positive powers of the internet as it meant a group of people with like-minded interests met up for a pint (or a few in their case).

The conversation flowed easily and friendships were forged with discussion around pubs, beer and sport (is there anything else to talk about?) with some general bantz around sections of the group taking in different routes earlier!

(get me to The Roebuck now!)


The pub was busy on a Friday night with a good atmosphere and a lady next to us gave us some terrific historical background regards pubs in Burton and that is why #publife is so great.

Sheffield Hatter left for The Weighbridge Inn, which was above and beyond so pushed him into the Champions League positions.

As for me, I’m still in the Championship looking for a late promotion push when the pub season reopens after the impending corona lockdown.

10 thoughts on “Meeting Up With Pub Blogging Legends

  1. It was good to meet you…and my ruminations will follow shortly! (I like to leave it a while so that the others [who take notes!] can blog about the day and jog my memory…plus it means less writing and more pictures from me!)

    Unless we get an Italy style lockdown and they close the pubs, I reckon that we’ll get to Chester on 24th April…but I’m not buying my train tickets…just yet!

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  2. Thanks for the link to my write-up, BBM. It was good to meet up with you last Friday, albeit briefly.

    There certainly was a good atmosphere in the Roebuck that evening, so it was a shame I had to rush off to catch my train, instead of staying a bit longer. 🍻

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