The Worm Has Finally Turned

In times of national emergency then only The Two Ronnies can possibly rescue us. You might think I am referring to the coronavirus but no, it is The Worm That Turned from their 1980 series.

Bizarrely, it was set in a futuristic world (2012!!!) where men and women had a job role reversal and Diana Dors was the Head of State.


Whilst it might well be dated, it is undoubtedly the series I recall from my early years although a bit of research has shown that it was actually set in Dursley,…which is one of Martin’s favourite towns for a wild night in Gloucestershire.

Apart from padding out a relatively thin post why am I waffling on about a series within a sketch show from 1980 on a Midlands based pub blog?

Derby Worm 23.02.20 (14)

Well, in arguably the most tenuous link witnessed in blogging history I paid a visit to 551 – The Worm Has Turned DE1 3DS in Derby city centre.

It’s in the Cathedral Quarter area of Derby which, architecturally, stretches from the sublime of the Cathedral ….

Derby Worm 23.02.20 (16)

…to the ridiculous with a marvellous Brtualist car park.

Derby Worm 23.02.20 (2)

Derby won’t win any awards for ‘most thriving city centre in Britain’ as the High Street pinch continues to bite but there is actually quite a good independent scene mushrooming out of the closures.

There are pockets of niche shops and also some new bars, with The Worm Has Turned being one of those independently owned pubs.

It’s over the road from Ye Olde Dolphin Inne so it is pointless trying to compete from a history point of view so they have gone for a different market.

It’s been open about seven months now and was a former double glazing shop but is on a nice corner plot giving it a touch of The Brunswick Inn’s!

Derby Worm 23.02.20 (13)

At around 12:30 on a Sunday I was the only punter and that is a dilemma for some city centre pubs.

Derby Worm 23.02.20 (3)

Sunday afternoon can often be a day for visiting your local as opposed to going into the city centre and there are more pubs than I remembered that appeared to be shut.

Derby Worm 23.02.20 (10)

Mrs BB had kindly sent me out shopping so I thought I should counterbalance that with a pub visit.

It was quiet, almost pre-empting the #covid19 quiet but it was a funky kind of place with some Seventies sounding soul in the background and pictures of Bowie on the wall.

Derby Worm 23.02.20 (9)

I reckoned it might attract a student crowd in the week but the barman did point out that many went out post 11 and he reckoned it was a place for people wanting to drink beer/coffee and use the Wi-Fi

Although he was happy to concede a fortysomething on a shopping trip on a Sunday was also very welcome!

Derby Worm 23.02.20 (7)

The beer DCUK (Dancing Duck) was very good and Solihull CAMRA will be pleased to hear there were plenty of keg lines on as well for choice.

Derby Worm 23.02.20 (6)

This is a place that would have been unlikely to feature on The Two Ronnies and Barker, Corbett and Dors were more likely to be drinking in a trad boozer but, times have moved on.

It’s an Independent pub in the centre of a city utilising a empty shop unit selling great beer. The Worm has turned for the better.


10 thoughts on “The Worm Has Finally Turned

    1. That’s good to hear but I fear a lockdown is imminent…Worth a visit and close proximity to Silk Mill, Dolphin and I reckon the Old Bell is also worth a look at these days…If you’re in the car then Mickleover has got a new (Derby Brewing Company) micropub called Hole In The Wall that opened on Thursday!

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      1. Can’t keep up with the newbies but another suggestion that I will act on sometime. New Derby entry is Tap on Derwent Street. Some are going to be in serious trouble in a lockdown.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I agree. I was speaking to the gaffer of a pub near me and he has had floods since October and now this which he reckons will run for months…
        The Tap is (I think) a Derby Brewing Company boozer and some great history…try the White Horse about 500 yards away for a pint of cask and some proper pub characters!!

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  1. Derby is quite a mix in the middle isn’t it? I’ve never been outside of the center. Are the surrounding areas non-brutalist? Curious if the near city center areas are pretty or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d say no….but I’ve no doubt some locals may correct me…they should make more of the River Derwent feature in the centre…however drive ten minutes and it’s glorious for great swathes up to the Peaks


      1. Derby has a rather odd layout in that the main shopping area is distinctly offset to the south from the historic city centre around the market place and cathedral. It’s no York or Chester, but I don’t think the areas outside the centre are any more brutalist than anywhere else.

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