Shock News – A Rare Royal Mail Success Story (Revisited)

In between seeking out old beermats (see top picture) and self isolating, I will be dredging up old posts to help you while away the hours!

Here’s one from back in October 2017 and a trip to The Last Post in Derby 

Last Post 22.10.17 (11)

“We have a lot of those CAMRA tickers come in you know, to drink the beer,” said the barmaid at the 74 – The Last Post DE1 1GA.

Which is a good job too because they obviously like what they’ve seen, and drunk, as this little gem in Derby’s West End has made it into the GBG for 2018.

Therefore the likes of Martin, Duncan and Si will be checking out a new addition to the Derby Mile before too long and the good news is that not only is it easy to reach by public transport,  it is also open for longer than your average micro.


11-11 four days a week and 11-8 on a Mon-Wed mean that this former post office has quickly become established as a local boozer rather than just a tourist attraction for ale trails and CAMRA meetings.

There are enough chimney pots nearby to support a ‘mini-local’ and the beer is just one of the attractions.

My pint of Seahawk Gold (Cotleigh) hit the spot and at £3.10 means it is within the reach of the local community.  However, the beauty of a Micropub is that with ten people in there it was pretty packed and made for a corking atmosphere as, aside from me, the clientele all knew each other.

Last Post 22.10.17  (4).jpg

“So, if you cook a pizza upside down then it’s easier to slice.  I have these inspirational thoughts sometimes.

“If you live in Australia, does that mean the water comes up the plughole?  No, it doesn’t you nob!”

“I love a Sunday afternoon session.  You know, having a few going home and then falling asleep. 

“Liam Gallagher is crap.  The Stone Roses are good though.”

“Are you going to introduce us to your new Mrs?  Is she your new Mrs?”

Can I borrow your lighter?   Only if you introduce yourself!”

“Those toilets are unisex.  Why are you telling me that? Do you think I’ve forgotten which one I need to go into.”

Last Post 22.10.17 (6)

“I basically brought the land on the Great Northern car park and built my own flat.  I’m not sure I got a great deal out of it though! 

“I’ll have another.”

“Hello… (fill in the blanks x8) this is Kathy.”

“S*** happens,”

This was just a snapshot of a fantastic hour in a welcome addition to ‘The Derby Mile.’  Whilst many of the pubs have fallen on the final lap this really has filled a void in the West End district of the city as a bona fide local.

It started life as a Micropub, and still is, but the O’ Brien’s have bought it from Muirhouse Brewery who bought it from Wentwell Brewery and it is now ticking along comfortably.

The gaffers weren’t there but a razor sharp barmaid Andi was along with obligatory funny bloke sitting at the bar who was holding court in between rolling Rizzlas and a couple of locals with their young son, a sage in the corner along with a bearded bloke who had a new girlfriend and a young bloke with the hipster woolly hat.

It is about 20 yards away from The Mile but, unless you wanted to play pool or watch Sky then there is no reason at all not to come here.  Apparently they also have music on three nights a week and even ran their own mini folk festival alongside the big version in central Derby.

Anyway, I arrived as a stranger but left with a smile as Andy had been forced to introduce Kathy, his girlfriend to everyone in the pub and when challenged by Andi what might happen to him if he didn’t – whilst she was having a fag outside – he replied with the classic “S*** happens”

Last Post 22.10.17 (10)

Rizzlas were order of the day as I was in the minority by not rolling my own and the smoking area out the back of this micro pub was well used.

Some people have suggested Micropubs are a flash in the pan and I am sure, like big pubs, the ones that aren’t very good will close.  But, over time, when they become established, there is clearly a market for them as a local and the fact they generate a good atmosphere with fewer people in can be positive.

This place has been open for three years but it looks like a pub that the owners care about. Size doesn’t matter (jokes on a Skegness postcard please) but this place is utilising all of its space perfectly and proves that sometimes Royal Mail sell offs can be a good thin

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