A Week In LE67 – Part 2

So having finally re entered the blogging world it is time to tie up the ultimate holiday destination/pub crawl in LE67.

As Duncan quite rightly noticed in yesterday’s instalment, it never rains in this part of Leicestershire.

(some of the pubs on this week of paradise!)

LE67 Map

Dick and Dave could visit a host of boozers selling good quality cask ale on their annual trip from Minneapolis whilst Pete could organise a flight to East Midlands Airport for the B&PF Big Day Out.

Martin, of course, would already be there having booked the Broadlawns Guest House six months in advance at the cheapest rate.

Anyway, having had three days of Stafford Paul proportions there is no reason to stop and let’s head straight into the business end of the week.

Thursday – Ravenstone & Swannington (+ Coalville outlier)

The Station Inn in Swannington is a good starting point and as it’s a Thursday you can base yourself here for a good three hours.

Station Swann revisit (4).jpg

The gaffer is great value and used to run a pub in Saltley that featured on “Britain’s roughest boozers,” so he is an experienced hand and as friendly as you can imagine.

The Robin Hood, further down the hill, is also great value and there was a darts fixture going on whilst England were playing on the box when I last went there so it was full of funny characters and atmosphere.

R Hood 14.11.17 (5)

Walking back towards Ravenstone sends you into a fantastic pub tucked away amongst houses called The Kings Arms.

It’s seen two gaffers in three and a half years but this wet led place ticks over nicely

Kings Arms 10.10.19  (5).jpg

and sitting in the smaller bar watching football is like slipping on a pair of comfy slippers.

Just in case you haven’t had enough as you walk back towards Coalville you could call into the West End Pub.

West End 17.07.18  (3).jpg

A former social club it is massive inside and whilst it only has smoothflow, it does have pool tables galore and some of the best pub banter you can find.

Friday – Peggs Green, Hugglescote, Bardon & Coleorton

Some outliers here but they will all be open on a Friday and well worth a visit.

New Inn 12.10.17 (12)

Talk of longstanding landlords and The New Inn in Peggs Green has a fantastic history with an Irish family at the helm for many years. It shows as this pub is in the middle of nowhere but serves Bass from the jug, has a loyal clientele and some marvellous clutter that only accrues over many years of pubbery!

Warm, friendly and very much old skool it has everything you need from a pub and is one of the best in the postcode.

Gate Inn 28.11.17 (9)

Hugglescote is another pub with surprisingly good Bass as The Gate is tucked away in the centre of this village between lots of chimney pots

Gate 28.11.17

but shows live sport, has a friendly atmosphere and serves Britain’s premier drink by the shedload.

Birch Tree 18.07.18  (39).jpg

The Birch Tree in Bardon isn’t a million miles away as it’s just on the main drag out of Coalville and is a classic Everards boozer that serves food.

Birch Tree 18.07.18  (2).jpg

Very much a two-roomer with food in one and a bar in the other this is one of these places that will benefit from even more chimney pots being built here with a massive housing estate.

Coleorton is very much back in the opposite direction and probably closer to Thursday’s quarter of boozers but I’ve got to fit it in somewhere.

Kings arms 28.11.17  (13).jpg

Best bet for me of the three in the village is The Kings Arms as it has a decent beer garden, outside skittles (I think Mark) decent beer and still has a pub feel.

Kings arms 28.11.17 (10)

Saturday – Abbots Oak, Stanton Under Bardon & Thringstone

Slightly less on the agenda today to give yourself a breather and there is a bit of travel on the cards.

Bulls Head in Abbots Oak holds the distinction of being Leicestershire’s highest pub

Abbots Oak Bulls Head 26.07.18  (2).jpg

so you can enjoy the rarefied air and massive beer garden with pints of Bass!

Abbots Oak Bulls Head 26.07.18  (17).jpg

I met a pal in here who jogged miles to meet me, drank two pints of Bass then jogged home

Abbots Oak Bulls Head 26.07.18  (11).jpg

…that’s commitment to the cause!

A similarly long trek will bring you to the Old Thatched Inn in Stanton Under Bardon which has a real history to it and, obviously, a thatched roof.


Friendly locals in here gave me the low down on the history of this place and it is very much big lounge for food, snug for drinking

and then a separate games room for Sky Sports/pool and fruit machines.


A big sprawling boozer that is standing the test of time well and serves excellent Pedigree to boot.


This is probably a day for taxis or cadge a lift from Lifeafterfootball cabs but you could do worse than pop into The George And Dragon in Thringstone on your way back to Coalville.

G & D 25.01.18  (9).jpg

It has a huge eating area and has clearly been renovated but tucked away in the drinking area is some fierce acerbic banter between locals to remind you that you are definitely in the LE67 postcode.

G & D 25.01.18  (1).jpg

Sunday – Thornton & Markfield

So, the final day of your week in LE67 and what better way to finish than a trip the edges of the postcode and Thornton.

There is a fantastic reservoir walk, which will take you most of the morning and when you finish you can pop into The Bricklayers Arms, which is a classic local Everards pub.

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (1).jpg

Good quality pint and loads of sport/village memorabilia over the walls only add to the feel that this is a place for the villagers.

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (9).jpg

You could wander down to the edge of the village and have some grub in The Reservoir,

which is pretty much an eating-house but sold one of the best pints of Steamin’ Billy bitter I’ve had and was absolutely choc a bloc.

Thorton Res 22.03 (14)

Final destination in Thornton is The Thornton.

This used to be a social club but is now open to all and the punter and barmaid couldn’t have been more welcoming when I popped in.

Thornton 24.10.19 (4)

Three boozers in Thornton and one in Markfield will finish off your week in style as The Coach And Horses does what it says on the tin.

This was a godsend for my daughter and I after many gymnastics competitions in Leicester as not only is the beer top notch but the food was none too shabby either.

Coach 01.10.17 (25)

Seven days…27 pubs and not a duff one amongst them.

Coach 01.10.17 (22)

You definitely need a sharp sense of humour and a strong constitution to withstand this challenge but, when the pubs finally reopen, then surely someone will take on a week in LE67….


7 thoughts on “A Week In LE67 – Part 2

  1. New Inn looks really pretty. Do the horizontal lines on the dart tournament show which dart team gets relegated? Serious league😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant stuff. I’m tempted to plot these all on a map if pubs open again.

    Only one of those 27 in the Beer Guide last time I looked was the Everards pub at Bardon!

    Dave, solid line is promotion/relegation and dotted lines mean play offs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t believe one of the pubs I went into actually made the GBG!!? I demand an investigation 😉
      Dave, all relegation is delayed though till the pubs reopen so the Stamford might survive….


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