Great Station Pubs: Long Eaton

I’ve almost forgotten how to do this but here is a bona fide blog on a new pub.

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (15)

Obviously, I should state that it’s not open currently, although it is doing a roaring off sales trade, and is waiting to be regarded as important as a garden centre and reopen.

This was one of the last boozers I visited before lockdown; My recent proposed holiday week in Willington and beyond, reminded me of this little gem.

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (1)

554 – Sawley Junction NG10 3JU is a station pub as you can sit in it and watch all the thoroughfare between Nottingham and Derby.

(room with a view)

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (6)

Long Eaton station sits above this former branch of the Midland Bank (that’s HSBC to anyone under 40) that has an infamous history.

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (5)

The fact that it was a former bank is good enough these days to be infamous but this place featured on regional news in the 1960s as it witnessed an armed robbery.

A cob shop (note it’s a cob Martin, not a bap) and an off licence, it laid dormant for many years until it was spruced up and reopened as a Micro.

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (18)

Apparently, the station was previously known as Sawley Junction hence the moniker and it is a gorgeous place inside.

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (2)

A quick stroll down the Tamworth Road beforehand gives the promise of Bass in a club that is in the running for ‘most initials in a pub/club sign 2020.’

Sawley Bass

The TLC is clear when you walk into this place and there were another couple of punters and then one more arrived who claimed he was “waiting for the train.”

The landlady was good value and I had a top notch pint of Gigglemug (Bang The Elephant) whilst soaking up the atmosphere.

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (12)

I have to say, I can’t wait to visit pubs again like this. Whilst I’d love to pop into Notcutts for a pint next week, nothing can beat the sheer Britishness of a pub.

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (7)

Pubs like this are working overtime by supplying beer as off sales in order to survive, but I really hope we can find a solution soon.

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (8)

This has filled a big gap in the market and a pub (I don’t mean All Bar One Birmingham New Street) near a train station is a no brainer ; it is good to see this place thriving pre lockdown.

Sawley Junction 08.03.20 (10)

I want to knock off 600 Midlands boozers before the turn of the year and I hope I’ll get the opportunity.

A great place that is well worth a visit when normal service is resumed

12 thoughts on “Great Station Pubs: Long Eaton

  1. Can confirm this little gem is well worth a visit. It caters for anyone wanting to kick back and relax in a laidback atmosphere with a variety of like-minded people. Dogs are welcome, even catered for with bowls and beds!
    The landlady and her family have poured their hearts into this place and it really shows. It fully deserves to be doing as well as it is .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sarah. It’s a cracking little boozer and I often think a pub is only as good as its gaffer. This place has clearly had a lot of time, effort and TLC spent on it and deserves to succeed. I will return!!!


  2. Sawley Junction is an excellent micro pub. It actually feels like it’s always been there! Apart from serving absolutely top notch quality ales and having a wonderful atmosphere, this superb little pub has given us back a piece of history with the name ‘Sawley Junction’. The train station across the road was once called Sawley Junction and had its name changed to Long Eaton Station in the late 60s.
    The family who run this pub and their team are to be congratulated. Probably the best micro pub in England.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers David,
      This pub is obviously a massive favourite with locals as I’ve had more comments from people who don’t usually read this blog than normal and it’s great to see such a success story.
      They obviously know their history and it is a ‘proper pub’ I reckon the best in Long Eaton.
      That’s a great claim that it’s the best micro in England…can anyone challenge it!!


      1. Pubs are like food and music, all a matter of personal taste I guess. The Sawley Junction certainly pitched it absolutely right. Excellent quality, welcoming and run by people who know what they are doing.
        Personally I’ve only been to 15 micro pubs, but SJ is by far the best of these.

        Liked by 1 person

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