Top 20 Pubs: Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

This is a classic station pub, albeit it is a two minute stroll from Birmingham New Street Grand Central.

Of course, whilst the glossy new cosmopolitan station in England’s Second City has suitably glossy bars such as Slug & Lettuce/All Bar One etc, this little cracker retains the feel of old skool Brum tucked away as it is in an old Post Office depot.

Brum POV 06.01.18 (6)

It’s down some stairs, it’s bijoux so I’m not sure what will happen when the lockdown is eased next month but it is an absolute gem.

I am pretty sure it has a Bar Billiards style table (Mark Shirley will need to confirm!) but it sells oodles of bottled beers you’ve never heard of and lots of cask.

Brum POV 06.01.18  (12).jpg

It claims to sell Birmingham’s biggest amount of foreign bottled beers although with Carlsberg’s takeover of Marston’s that might change with Carlsberg and Tuborg set to saturate every Midlands town!

Brum POV 06.01.18  (16).jpg

However, this place is hugely atmospheric and the time I blogged about the PoV  – to its mates – it was a rumbustious Saturday night in January 2018 after an FA Cup tie between Birmingham and Burton Albion…what do you mean you don’t remember the famous 1-0 win?

Brum POV 06.01.18  (18).jpg

Anyway, there is always a real mix of young, old, male, female, wine drinkers, beer drinkers and it welcomes all sorts.  Although there were a few raised eyebrows as a Stoke fan shouted loudly following the news that Mark Hughes had been sacked – read about it here – and that’s not the norm in the Post Office Vaults.

Brum POV 06.01.18  (4).jpg

It’s a classic and should be on everyone’s ‘must visit’ pubs when they jump off the train at New Street as it takes some beating.

Brum POV 06.01.18  (7).jpg

I even heard a rumour that Dave Southworth has been here, which gives it the ultimate symbol status…













24 thoughts on “Top 20 Pubs: Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

  1. Sadly, he has not, but that can be rectified! Is this pub not that commonly written about? I’m not sure I’ve come across it anywhere.

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      1. We have not, but it is in the plans. We read all the post you guys did on your crawl and there look to be some great pubs. It will help that you guys did the legwork to help us avoid some clunkers.

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  2. It’s a GBG regular and is in the 2020 edition. It’s where we kicked off our 2017 Birmingham City Centre Proper Day Out which was the first time I encountered Citra (the person) amongst others.

    It’s very atmospheric, and a throwback to a past era. There used to be a similar place called the Sportsman on Market Street, which is Manchester’s equivalent of New Street.

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  3. Only been there the once, in fact I think it’s where I first met Mudgie, was due for another visit the Friday after next but that plan has obviously been scuppered. Definitely a top pub.

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    1. I think the Purity is one I wouldn’t make a special journey for…you know me Martin not many clunkers at all…not been to the new Thornbridge bar but I reckon it must be in a cracking building?


  4. Hi Beermat – I don’t remember the famous win over Burton Albion but i do remember the Post Office Vaults, a place that’s high on my Birmingham to do list once lockdown is over. There’s something about a subterranean boozer that adds an extra notch of atmosphere I think. Cheers, Paul

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