Welcome To The Brave New World of Carlsberg/Marstons/Banks’s/Jennings/Wychwood/Ringwood/Eagle/Thwaites Super Breweries

I was hoping to put a strikethrough on most of this title but I’m not quite tech savvy enough yet so it should look like this: Welcome to the brave new world of Carlsberg/Marstons/Banks’s/Jennings/Wychwood/Ringwood/Eagle/Thwaites super breweries.

(that’s what you call a brewing system)

Brewery Tap 12.01 (1)

With the news that the pubs will POSSIBLY reopen in some way, shape or form in early July then it is time to finally deliver my last ‘new’ pub.

Brewery Tap 12.01 (5)

Regular readers (i.e. Dave) will know the original premise for this blog is that I try and visit as many different pubs as I can in the Midlands and wax lyrical.

(all roads lead to Bass)

Brewery Tap 12.01 (7)

However, that has clearly been derailed during the last few months and all kinds of rehashing has been going on but, this is one I have been keeping up my sleeve.

Brewery Tap 12.01 (35)

In fact, when it reopens it may well be known as The Carlsberg Brewery Tap, which will get them flocking in from miles around to taste the Danish/Northampton/Wolverhampton lager.

(not queuing for Carlsberg)

Brewery Tap 12.01 (10)

However, way back in February on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the prospect of Marston’s being sold to Carlsberg was a pipedream.

(soon to be renamed the Copenhagen Cooper)

Brewery Tap 12.01 (31)

But it looks like the marketing guys who brought us, “probably the best lager in the world” and “if Carlsberg did…” will be having the last laugh as thy can now say “if Carlsberg did Bass!”

Brewery Tap 12.01 (30)

But will they? Or will it be snapped up by someone else (who can afford to?). Either way, when I popped into the 555 – The Brewery Tap (National Brewery Centre) DE14 1NG.
Just to clarify this currently closed but was open and thriving four months ago…

Brewery Tap 12.01 (20)

I couldn’t see any sign of the impending takeover but rest assured the Carlsberg Lager Tap Carlsberg Brewery Centre will be iconic….

(White Shield anyone?)

Brewery Tap 12.01 (29)

Anyway, it just oozes history as you would expect from a place that is attached to the main museum. I know the B&PF boys have been here and there was a tour just finishing as I sat down and had a chat with a young couple who loved their ale!

Brewery Tap 12.01 (23)

Just to prove that I am young and trendy they were in their twenties and from Loughborough, so had travelled a reasonable way, but thought their guide was top notch and the beer was excellent.

Brewery Tap 12.01 (15)

I’m not going to run through the whole historical element of this place but Burton is ‘the home of brewing’ (sounds like a Carlsberg slogan) and with the Heritage Brewing Company base there then their beers, as well as Bass, means it is a winner.

Brewery Tap 12.01 (17)

As it happens, they just turned the pump clip round for Bass so I went for the Victoria Pale Ale (Heritage) which was absolutely magnificent! I don’t often get excited about a pint but this was sensational and befitting a Brewery Tap beer.


Brewery Tap 12.01 (18)

If anyone is going to buy Bass I would love it to be this Brewery but I’m not sure they will be able to prize it away from InBev …mind you if they keep producing beers as good as the VPA then I won’t complain.

Brewery Tap 12.01 (13)

So, post covid, will this place become a Mecca for Carlsberg lovers and will history be swept neatly under the carpet as it was with Tetley’s in Leeds?

(Bass sold here…not for much longer)

Brewery Tap 12.01 (8)

Who knows what the future holds but if I’m ever going to reach my target of 600 pubs then I need some boozers back open!

21 thoughts on “Welcome To The Brave New World of Carlsberg/Marstons/Banks’s/Jennings/Wychwood/Ringwood/Eagle/Thwaites Super Breweries

  1. Along with other members of the Beer & Pubs Forum, I was at the NBC Brewery Tap on 6th March. We enjoyed a good lunch plus some interesting beers, brewed on site.

    I’d been there a couple of times before, when the complex was still owned by Bass.

    Incidentally, 6th March was also the last time I had a drink in a pub.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I don’t think the place had changed all that much. The difference was on previous visits I entered via the museum, rather than going straight into the Brewery Tap from the street.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I was just about to say that. Used to be the Bass Museum, of course. I don’t think the takeover does anything to change its status. Apart from that and Spoons, not a lot of pub food available in Burton.

      I went in quite a few pubs after that, the last one being Wetherspoon’s Calvert’s Court on Wednesday 18 March. Robinson’s Trooper; NBSS 3.5.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. After the last purchase wasn’t there a risk\rumor that the museum was going to be closed? I’m hoping that doesn’t happen this time. I thought the museum was really well done and it was nice to have somewhere to spend an hour prior to the pubs opening in town.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There was a threat reported a while back, but I thought I had been saved by becoming an independent trust. I’ll do a bit of digging.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Interesting article. First rate museum in my opinion and not just for beer lovers. Seems like it is secure going forward which is good news.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Good man!!! Yes, hopefully the takeover won’t affect it in that perspective…I did go out on the Sunday after to the Falstaff in Derby and then also on the Thursday to the Duke of Clarence on reflection!


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