Top 20 Pubs: The Colvile Arms, Lullington

With just over a week until lift off, I thought I’d whet your appetite with the latest in my “Top 20 Pubs” series.

Lullington 21.06.19  (19).jpg

Of course, this is all purely subjective and there are around 500 pubs I’d like to revisit but this one is a particular favourite, albeit in a tucked away location.

Lullington not only possesses a terrific village cricket ground with glorious views but also a rip snorter of a pub.

Lullington 21.06.19  (14).jpg

As this map shows

Lullington Map .jpg

it is the original “in the middle of nowhere” kind of boozer but hits all the right notes.

Lullington 21.06.19  (11).jpg

Bass = yes, multi room = yes, beer garden = yes, friendly locals who like to talk about football and cricket = yes, bench seating = yes and Bass = yes.

Lullington 21.06.19  (8).jpg

If this was a little closer then this would be my first port of call on July 4 but, as it happens, I am negotiating with Mrs BB to visit a brand new Tollgate Tap House – The Milking Parlour – as it’s about a two hour walk and I reckon if I left home at 10am….

Lullington 21.06.19  (21).jpg

Look, suffice to say, this is an old skool quintessential British pub that if Dave and Dick were coming over for a week from Minneapolis I would show them this little gem.

Here’s the original post from back in 2019

Lullington 21.06.19  (3).jpg

What makes it all the more surprising is that you drive through some fairly unremarkable urban sprawls such as Netherseal, Overseal, Woodville, Moira and Spring Cottage until you finally reach the rolling countryside of Lullington.

Lullington 21.06.19  (6).jpg

Well worth a visit and one tie in with a walk in the maturing National Forest whilst polishing off a pint of Bass

Lullington 21.06.19  (12).jpg

– it might even tempt The Wickingman down from The Peak District!

6 thoughts on “Top 20 Pubs: The Colvile Arms, Lullington

  1. Great looking pub. I will be curious which pub all of you choose as your first pub after the reopening. I’d find that a really tough decision unless I had an obvious local to support. I find it funny to read the comments on reopening from a distance. They have an eager desperate sound to them!

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  2. The Bass plaque on the wall is a good sign, and the pub itself looks good too.

    The mention of the village cricket ground leads me to wonder why the summer game is still prohibited. Cricket isn’t that much of a contact sport, so why the ban?

    Our village greens look sad and empty at present, and the crack of leather on willow is a sound that is sorely missed!


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