It’s Coming Home…

“It’s coming home, It’s coming home, it’s coming, pubs are coming home….”

Yes, I know it’s not ideal for many smaller pubs and problems lie ahead but, let’s celebrate the fact that one of Britain’s greatest pastimes, drinking in pubs, is back on the agenda again tomorrow!

(Pied Bull in Shepshed – most popular pub according to the stats)

Shepshed Pied 05.02.19  (14).jpg

I am definitely visiting a pub tomorrow and, as I have some time off looming after working throughout lockdown, I am definitely visiting a few more throughout July!

That means less of this…



– thank you to Leatherbritches Brewery  though, for providing some fabulous beer these past three months, and hopefully back to this…

(lacings – Black Swan in Shepshed)

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19  (6).jpg

Of course, for bloggers like myself it is a lifeline, as there are only so many posts I can dredge up about not drinking in pubs, and my aim is to at least reach 600 pubs by the end of 2020.

I am currently 45 away from that total but, with some planning, I reckon I can notch them up before we’re welcoming in the New Year.

However, in an act of blatant plagiarism and ripping off the likes of Martin/Mudgie/Duncan/Paul WME and Si, I am having a look through my stats in almost three years of blogging.

Screenshot (33)

23,000 + visitors, although even Alistair Campbell, the king of spin, couldn’t make you believe that was 23,000 different punters.

Screenshot (34)

An average of 12.5 comments per post this year means I am down from my ‘halcyon’ period of 2019 with 15…

Screenshot (35)

this is the new normal though!

Some of the top commentators are listed here

Screenshot (37)

and I know the actual effort it takes to comment on a blog as opposed to just Twitter so much appreciated to everyone who comments on both forums.

Screenshot (38)

Clearly Micros are the new talking point as this post  (see above) was my most ever commented post and a Clash based Micro in Loughborough came in second.

Screenshot (33) - Copy
However, best views ever are February 6, 2019, which must mean that what the reader(s) really want is the magic of the FA Cup.

I posted this blog on Lifeafterfootball that day


and it was a dark Tuesday night in Shepshed.

Screenshot (44)

The late great Richard Coldwell offered his usual contrary point of view and he was fantastic at sparking off debates – I miss him.

Screenshot (39)


Screenshot (43)


Screenshot (45)


Screenshot (47)

Russ (after a freebie!)

Screenshot (42)

and Ian all joined in.

Quite often the comments are more entertaining than the blog itself (said 95% of readers when questioned)

Shepshed Pied 05.02.19  (6).jpg

Newport beating Middlesbrough in Round 4 in the Pied Bull – a backstreet local in Shepshed – clearly captured the imagination!

Was it the Leicester City darts flights?

Shepshed Pied 05.02.19  (12).jpg

Was it the half pint of Burton Bitter Saddle Tank?

Shepshed Pied 05.02.19  (13).jpg

Was it the friendly gaffer turning the TV towards me so I could watch?

Shepshed Pied 05.02.19  (14).jpg

Was it the conversation about the various merits of Luther & Silent Witness?


Was it Shepshed Pete telling his pals who drink in The Black Swan?

(Butthole Lane is where Shepshed Dynamo play – just for clarification!)

Screenshot (49)

I’ll never know but that, for me, is the beauty of pub blogging.

You turn up at a pub you’ve never visited before and as you open the door you never know what to expect…

Shepshed Pied 05.02.19  (10).jpg

Sometimes what seem like the most bog standard places provide the best tales and pub life is fantastic.

It might change but, I know as I’m waiting tomorrow to order a pint, there will be that crackle in the air and a feeling that Lifeafterfootball is returning to normal.

22 thoughts on “It’s Coming Home…

  1. Richard had the best comments. I really miss him. Looking forward to the new posts. The best part of pub blogging is that knobs like me get to live vicariously through you.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I may have to walk up to Corby for the historic pint tomorrow, which given the hysteria being predicted everywhere might seem a bad idea. However, I don’t believe any of Corbys pubs actually closed during lockdown so this could be a masterstroke of easy drinking

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That also made me chuckle!!! You could be right about boozers in Corby although I’m only working on hearsay and rumour!!! A wise move and there will be plenty of sensible boozers to visit tomorrow…I’ll probably avoid those ones though!


  3. Butthole Lane – you couldn’t make that up could you – now if it where a Premiership teams ground it would be up there with The Etihad…

    Congrats on the stats – impressive.

    PS – I’m only commenting here in some deluded attempt to get on your next commenter league table…:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hermit!!! Great to hear from you and always appreciate your wit and comments! Butthole Lane must be up there in terms of names with the top five grounds in Britain? Surely?
      I think with a steady flow of say…once a month…you could probably break into the top ten comfortably!!!!
      Nice to see the Merry Millers get promotion with Cov…we may well play your mob next season if we survive (again)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely…com’on you MILLERS! Sorry – had to say that…Half a seasons results is not a bad way to get a second pop at the Championship in as many seasons… 🙂
        Look forward to next seasons game against Birmingham! Looks like they’ll also be playing a team fairly local to me the way things are going in the Premiership…

        Look forward to your ‘return to the pub posts’ LAF…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Spot on! My nephew plays for Coventry so been watching League 1 unfold and my mate from Brum, who now lives in USA, is good mates with Warne, and says he is a top bloke so pleased to see Rotherham on the march. Millmoor was a scary place to play by the way!!!
        Yes Blues at Dean Court next year…if we stay up

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Funny you should say that about Millmoor (the old ground) one of his recent posts RM mentioned about urine filled condoms being thrown at Rotherham. As I recall that wasn’t the worst of it – airborne half house bricks were more likely when Barnsley Fc visited! Ahh – the good old days on the terraces…

    BTW – you’re clearly well connected and I will now be holding you in much greater reverence…do you still have any spare autographed photos…? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha!!! I can dredge some up !!! I remember playing at Rotherham with Birmingham when Lou Macari was gaffer and a copper came into the changing room…He said under no circumstances should we go back out for a cool down!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lou Macari – there’s a great character – great times I bet…Can’t think what you must have done to upset the Rotherham fans – lovely people – did you win the match perchance?… 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I read this couple of days ago but couldn’t comment due to Northern t’internet.

    Glad to see you setting an example by getting back to the pub yesterday rather than moaning about it bring “not the same” from the sidelines.

    Brilliant blog as always though you really need to develop your North Korean fanbase a bit. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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