Cask Renaissance Continues In Sawley

As the cask renaissance continues apace, I bring you even more shock news of a decent half of Doom Bar

That is correct, confirming what Martin reported in his blog read it here – that even your ubiquitous Doom Bar is now on fire.

Sawley Trent Lock (7)

Oft maligned, Sharp’s biggest seller is still the ‘go to pint’ of cask for most punters who are feeling daring when they want a pint of something other than Carling or John Smith’s.

(can’t work out what band this is?  – half a Doom for the correct answer)

Sawley Trent Lock (3)

And, to be fair, when it’s in good form then it is a good drop of ale and Sawley wasn’t about to disappoint.

This Derby suburb that gives you the River Trent, River Soar and the Erewash canal – Pete Allen must surely have been here – also has a plethora of pubs.

Sawley Trent Lock (24)

I’m enjoying the differences in interpretation of pub opening and 559 – The Trent Lock NG10 2FY appeared to be confusing for three punters in front of me.

Sawley Trent Lock (14)

This Mitchells’ & Butlers Vintage Inn pub is situated, unsurprisingly, on the Trent Lock and the more upmarket pub on offer.

Sawley Trent Lock (15)

Vintage Inns are M&B’s restaurant chain in all but name but you can usually get a drink there, but I never regard them as ‘pubby.’

It was a good place though and I’ve got lots of time for the gaffer as she kept her cool under pressure, as I will mention soon.

Sawley Trent Lock (17)

If you want a more down to earth boozer then there is The Steamboat  that shares the same car park next to the canal and is a wet-led operation that I last visited way back in 2017.

Sawley Trent Lock (27)

This pub, which isn’t a Free House, despite its claims on the wall, was as full as I’ve seen a pub since PPL (post pub lockdown). However, there was a queueing system and you had to wait for a table before you got in and you could only have table service inside.

Not a problem at all as it was crystal clear and the landlady was obviously doing something right as this behemoth of a place had enough space to ensure a good turnout inside.

Sawley Trent Lock (22)

But, as I was waiting to get in, three blokes were kicking off (or rather one was) as he either (a) didn’t have a contactless card (b) didn’t have the right change or (c) just wasn’t happy with the new rules.

The two younger lads left pretty quickly but the older feller was going at it hammer and tongs and the gaffer looked flustered.

Sawley Trent Lock (19)

She was pleased to see I was chilled out in the extreme by comparison as I said I wanted half a pint and no hassle!

It’s not for me to judge but, ultimately, Sawley has a shed load of pubs and if you want a pint with more flexibility then go to the Railway Inn.

I posted about it here yesterday and Martin can confirm it is a top-notch former GBG boozer here. There is also the aforementioned Steamboat, The White Lion and the Nags Head  as well as a couple more or within walking distance so you’re not spoilt for choice.

Sawley Trent Lock (13)

The bloke left saying he was going to speak to the manager and the landlady confirmed that was her and normal service was resumed.

I found a seat – the table was sanitised first – picked up a Doom Bar beermat and had a cracking half of Doom Bar (Sharp’s) that was brought to my table.

(table service only – no problem with that)

Sawley Trent Lock (4)

I was even asked if I wanted another before I left and there was just time to see the ‘new normal’ in toilets and I reckon this place will be packed in August under Rishi’s scheme.

Sawley Trent Lock (11)

If Dave and Dick come over later this year on a canal boat from Minneapolis then they can also bring Juan from Texas for their grand tour of the Midlands.

Remiss of me not to mention Juan sooner (welcome)

Screenshot (70)

and cracking the American market is a difficult task as The Boomtown Rats, The Jam and The Kinks all found.

Sawley Trent Lock (16)

However, I can confirm Pete will definitely be their guide and I’ll meet them at all the canal pubs in the Midlands for a Doom Bar if it’s this good!

11 thoughts on “Cask Renaissance Continues In Sawley

  1. One big issue with the rules is the publicans are put in the role of enforcing them. Very difficult if you get the wrong person objecting. I’ve seen it over here as well. Not fun for the staff at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Covid Secure measures in the toilet looks impressive – that tape should keep the spray down a bit on the middle urinal but what about the other two…? 😉

    Need to make sure I’m getting it right when I return to the pub… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shamefully I’ve only been out for 1 pint so far.
    and it was Doom bar, normally would never choose it (it was that or Abbot) and it was delightful.
    That was 1pm on the 4th, I wonder what it will be like next time?

    Liked by 1 person

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