Which Whitacre Is Where? Nether, Over Or Heath?

Shard End, Castle Bromwich, Stetchford, Chelmsley Wood, Marston Green, Tile Cross and Bordesley Green aren’t overladen with boozers.

Martin once sent me a message along the lines of “is this it?” with just a Toby Carvery in Castle Bromwich apparently serving cask in that region.

(rare sighting of cask…all will be revealed)

Railway 11.07.20 (9)

Well, there are still some pubs left on the east side of Brum/North Solihull but unlikely to be troubling the GBG any time soon.

Aside from the NEC and the new bars that sprouted up with the Genting Arena, I can’t think of any new pubs in the last 20 years, but could name plenty that have bitten the dust.

(red marker – between Nuneaton and Brum)

digimap_for_schools 2

Just the other side of the NEC is Coleshill, which is the pukka part of Chelmsley Wood, (they won’t like that) and the ale trail starts here.

However, on the outskirts of Coleshill are some really smart villages (such as Hoggrill’s End) and there are a succession of Whitacres in what is classed as North Warwickshire, but we all know is Solihull/Birmingham.

(red dot marks the spot)


Nether and Over Whitacre are in close proximity to Whitacre Heath and ‘grew up’ alongside the Stonebridge Railway Line in the 1830’s

The line is now defunct and a footpath for walkers as well as being a magnet for the commuter belt of the M42 and M6.  Plush houses and the Whitacre Heath nature reserve all add in to the middle Britain mix, but the pub remains a ‘proper’ pub.

Railway 11.07.20 (17)

561 – The Railway B46 2EH garners its name from the defunct railway and is multi-roomed classic with real character.

Railway 11.07.20 (14)

The usual one-way system and a Perspex screen were in operation but this felt like a local boozer and a bar with a TV on and a good mix of people in having a laugh added to the mix.

Railway 11.07.20 (8)

The beer garden was also full and bench seating, beermats and a friendly barmaid are all signs of a classic local.

Railway 11.07.20 (5)

I plumped for a seat in the quieter lounge and had a very decent pint of Tribute (St. Austell), read the local CAMRA mag (they are in it on page 2),

Railway 11.07.20

watched the world go round and listened to some obligatory Blues/Villa banter between the barman and a new couple who arrived.

Railway 11.07.20 (6)

Saturday at 4pm is a good time for pubs and despite the changes, this had enough people in it to make it worthwhile opening…

Railway 11.07.20 (16)

I tell you what though; taking photos in the ‘new normal’ is proving far more difficult as you can’t wander casually around the boozer.

So the option is shorter posts (hurrah I hear you shout) or more waffle……let me know!

20 thoughts on “Which Whitacre Is Where? Nether, Over Or Heath?

  1. Put me down for shorter waffle please.

    We popped into a micropub and a traditional pub revived as a ‘craft’ bar on Sat, both of which had “here’s your table” service. Other than the powder room you were clearly expected to stay put, ordering via an app, so yes, difficult to wander.

    The village local we went to the day before also expected you to sit down after getting drinks at the bar, but so long as you took a seat you could sit anywhere that was free, and presumably move about a bit if you fancied a change of view too so a bit more flexible. Having said that, as soon as I whipped the Rolleiflex out and mentioned the blog I was given a full tour including the cellar, so don’t be shy Beermat…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Well, not ‘all’ areas! On the rare occasions when I’ve been given access to behind the bar counter, I feel like I’ve stepped into a forbidden zone. It really does feel like a taboo area for customers, or is that just me?…

        Liked by 2 people

      1. I didn’t even ask! Very proud of their two-drop cellar, beats a shallow grave for yet another blogger I suppose…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Great stuff. Really enjoy these posts on lesser-Beer Guided England. I like shorter posts (300-400 words) with your hand drawn maps and lacings !

    I sympathise about photos. You’re directed to a table, told to sit still, given an app to order your pint, and your only reason to move around is to follow the arrrows to the Gents (one in, one out).

    This area used to full of GBG pubs 15 years ago; The Dog and The Gate in Nether Whitacre, The Plough and The Griffin in Shustoke, and then the Church End tap. All of them were superb according to my unimpeachable spreadsheet !

    How are you finding pubgoing as an experience ?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been to the Griffin only in that selection and that was excellent 👍 I like that junction 9/10 area of the M42 as a real mix of areas and pubs…
    I might go for the Alan approach and take a picture of outside of the boozer and visit about 30 in a day to make a post 😉
    I’m quite enjoying it as most have been pretty relaxed. Only one with a bit of tension was the Trent lock and they had the most rules…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You can write as many words as you like as far as I’m concerned BB – pure poetry… 🙂

    Could you get more photos using the zoom on the camera – or an extra long selfie stick…?

    Liked by 1 person

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