Summer Tour Of M42 – Weatheroak Hill

A short post this time as my ‘summer tour of the M42’ continues with a rare foray into Worcestershire and heading out into Brummie countryside.

With trips to Kingsbury and Whitacre Heath (I’ve not managed Chelmsley Wood as yet) recently undertaken then this stretch of motorway from Worcestershire through to Asbhy De La Zouch is rivalling the A514.

(spot the pub…between Bromsgrove, Redditch and Solihull)

digimap_for_schools (2)

Russ’ favourite A road takes in a host of boozers through Derbyshire and Staffordshire and whilst the M42 is less picturesque, there are some hot spots!

Knowle at Junction 5, Shirley at Junction 4, Balsall Common and Meriden at Junction 6 Coleshill and surrounding villages at Junction 9, Kingsbury and Fazeley at Junction 10 along with Ashby De La Zouch at Junction 13.

digimap_for_schools (1)

However, after a work jaunt down south to Tidworth with my pal and his daughter then the M42 loomed into view at just after midday on Monday.

Coach Weatheroak 14.07.20. (6)

Just off J3 is one of those hidden gem boozers that I’d not been to for the best part of 20 years.

Coach Weatheroak 14.07.20. (12)

Tucked away in Weatheroak Hill is 564 – The Coach & Horses B48 7EA and I remember I regarded this as the ultimate hidden boozer before I moved to Derbyshire.

Not too far away from Birmingham City’s training ground at Wast Hills in West Heath, the same family has run this place for half a century.

Coach Weatheroak 14.07.20. (4)

It’s been a Free House for 40 years and is everything you would want in a ‘country boozer.’ It’s got an onsite brewery (Weatheroak Hill Brewery), a traditional bar with quarry tiles and fire, a refurbed lounge and an extra restaurant attached so it catches the family eating trade as well as gentlefolk whilst the accents were treacle thick Brummie.

(not this time)

Coach Weatheroak 14.07.20. (2)

A good crowd in for just after midday on a Monday and happy to report that the Cheese cob was sensational and my pal was delighted with the Scotch Egg.

Coach Weatheroak 14.07.20. (7)

The Icknield Pale Ale (Weatheroak Hill) was magnificent and this place looks like it’s here to stay for another 50 years.

Coach Weatheroak 14.07.20. (5)

If you live in a Solihull/Birmingham suburb then forget about the Lickey Hills or Clent Hills as this  place IS the countryside.

Coach Weatheroak 14.07.20. (10)

Well worth a visit and the Cheese Cobs are as good as I’ve had in a long while!

14 thoughts on “Summer Tour Of M42 – Weatheroak Hill

  1. I remember going there several times in the late 70s when I was at University and living in Cotteridge. The appeal of escaping the dreaded duopoly of Ansells and M&B was only too obvious. One of its attractions was that it was one of the first pubs in the area to sell dry roasted peanuts.

    One night my mate’s car wouldn’t start so we ended up having to walk 3½ miles home 😦

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    1. Actually, looking at the map again, I’d picked out the wrong PH sign, so it was more like 4½ miles 😦 😦

      The other one is the Peacock which is now a Chef & Brewer.

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  2. Cracking looking pale ale… clearly just edged out of first place by the cheese cob though…😁

    Cobs are rare down South – instead just limp looking things with posh seeds on top – nowhere near as good.

    Mind you cobs can be a bit of a challenge for retired folks teeth – need to suck them until they’re soft🤐

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  3. One of the best Cheese & Onion cobs I’ve ever had was at the Black Bull’s Head, Openwoodgate near Belper – the ale was pretty good too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve not been there Pete…and I’ve yet to have a bad recommendation from you so that is on my to do list!!!
      I’ve not forgotten your Anstey tip and now Leicester is up and running I can check it out


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