Milk and Alcohol – Feel Good In Derby

Dr Feelgood.  What a band! Wilko Johnson the forerunner for any wannabee punk guitarist with his snarling aggression and manic guitar style allied to Lee Brilleaux’s menacing lyrics were the perfect mix.

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (1)

All attitude and angst…a bit like The Sweeney with guitars!

Although their biggest hit arrived when Johnson had left as Milk and Alcohol hit the charts in 1979 …see it here…

but for me Wilko added something to the band and this version of Roxette is a stonker off the OGWT.

Those of you tuning in expecting to read about pubs bear with me, as I’m getting there, as I paid a visit to THE gig pub in Derby.

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (16)

567 – The Flowerpot DE1 3DZ is back up and running even though gigs aren’t back on the agenda yet, but I still remember my first introduction to this place.

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (3)

Seven or eight years ago I saw a belting gig from Dr Feelgood (although I’m not sure there are any original members left) which was an R’n’B blast from Canvey Island’s finest.

I also saw a T Rex covers band here a couple of years ago for good measure who were good fun. However, Dr Feelgood were terrific and I can only imagine just how good they were back in their prime.

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (5)

It was, of course, far more serene, when I strolled up on Tuesday at lunchtime for a pint in the pub.  It’s noticeable that city centre boozers are far more vigilant on the track and trace, table service than pubs in the suburbs and either way, I’ve not got a problem.

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (4)

Bow Wow Wow were on in the background with “I want candy” and I noticed that they are still running a remarkable amount of beers, but I can’t avoid Oakham Ales if it’s on…


A terrific pint of Bishops Farewell (Oakham) that would have pleased Citra and confirming the cask revival is still with us.   I watched an old boy in the corner roll his own and complete a crossword whilst supping a pint and three other blokes have an animated pub discussion about ‘pub stuff.’

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (6)

There were four or five punters in the beer garden too and all was good;

(proper pub menu)

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (7)

but I really want to see a few more people in pubs otherwise it could be a long, hard winter for many of them.

(Yorkshire Beer triangle in Hermit’s home town of Rotherham)

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (10)

The Flowerpot is a Free House and renowned for it’s cask ale and music and that only works in a certain amount of cities – Derby is one of them.

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (11)

It’s very much a pub as opposed to a gig venue that sells beers and the stage area for bands is what you would call ‘sweaty’ and perfect for generating atmosphere.

As the posters show there are plenty more bands in the pipeline such as Nine Below Zero…

Flowerpot 21.07.20 (14)

(eleven plus eleven anyone?)

and I can’t wait to see this place packed to the rafters (as much as it is allowed)

Flower Pot (3)

when live music returns.

18 thoughts on “Milk and Alcohol – Feel Good In Derby

  1. I don’t always go to the Flowerpot when in Derby, but when I do it’s always midweek afternoon, and in recent years it’s been pretty-much empty. Not sure when you went but that’s a crowd you’ve got there if my experiences are anything to go by. I think for this reason it’s not a pub that I feel great love for, even though it’s perfectly good in all ways really.

    I saw Feelgood at the Potato Barn, Gaulby when Brilleaux was still up-front. Bloody great gig. Around about that time I also saw Wilko fronting his own band at the Princess Charlotte in Leicester. In common with most gigs I saw there, I can’t remember much about it but it was almost certainly a classic sweatbox night…

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    1. A proper gig if the recollection is hazy!! 🍺🍺 I like bands who move around on stage and Johnson is wired!
      I know what you mean it’s always chilled in the day… this was Monday this week so not prime time and I reckon nine or ten at about half one is ok…


  2. Looks a great pub, been a while since I’ve had some Bishops Farewell but got into some Citra last week.
    In keeping with the music theme I’m drinking Pressed Rat And Warthog as I write. Saw Feelgood back in the day ,post Wilko sadly, a cracking set all the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is that between Barnsley/Doncaster/Rotherham? 😄 Serious question time… Sheffield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Doncaster and even Halifax all get a great press in terms of drinking destinations but I never hear Rotherham mentioned…is it that bad??


  3. Well it’s a good question – and I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer after so long in the Southern wilderness.
    All I can say is that when I last lived there my staple diet was Stones Bitter (which at the time was probably quite bad – certainly by today’s cask standards).

    For an up to date analysis you’ll probably need to ask RM 😉

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  4. Wonderful post, BeerMat. Hope the Blues are retiring the No.2 shirt in honour of you.
    I particularly like the slightly out of focus pic below the pint of Oakham. Evocative.

    Since PubHermit asks, here’s all you need on ROTHERHAM;

    It’s largely old keg Stones pubs, many closed after the smoking ban, but there’s a couple of wonderful old boozers (try Cutlers Arms) run by little Chantry reminiscent of the Barton Arms near Villa Park. The architecture is very Digbeth. You’d love it.

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    1. Great info as ever 👍 I knew I could rely on you 🍺🍺 apparently the clamour was too great for the number 2 so it’s been continued for safety reasons 😄 sometimes those out of focus pictures work well!


  5. It will no doubt make you jealous to learn that I saw Dr Feelgood at the Liverpool Stadium in 1975. We had to leave before the end to get our train home, but apparently afterwards there was a near-riot.

    I remember going to the Flowerpot some years ago when the beer was as flat as a fluke, and when I complained I was told it was intentional. Apparently at the time the Smithfield was under the same management and had the same policy. There’s a big difference between not using a sparkler and being devoid of condition. And, to be honest, the head on your pint in the photo looks a bit of a poor effort.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are you sure you didn’t cause the riot 😄 yes very jealous as they are terrific… TBF the Oakham was good but I never understand why pubs won’t change a pint when a customer doesn’t like it or says it’s off?
      Has a similar experience in five lamps and the upshot is you’re unlikely to return…


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