Cricket Is Back – Caught In The 61 Deep

“He’s big, he’s bad, he’s better than his dad…”

So goes the Barmy Army chant when Stuart Broad bowls for England and I have to say I’ve had a magnificent weekend where cricket has returned in style.

(no sign of Broad here)

MSP 25.07.20 (9)

Today was spent watching/umpiring my ankle biters play 16 over cricket in the Derbyshire hard ball league and then an afternoon of pure unadulterated bliss in front of Sky Sports.

MSP 25.07.20 (16)

England notched up another unbeatable total and then Broady ran in and rattled through two West Bromwich Dartmouth  Indies batsmen to leave us eight wickets away from securing the Wisden Trophy forever.

(Football & Rugby to the right – cricket & tennis to the left)

MSP (5)Even the grim northern weather predicted tomorrow shouldn’t stop us winning and it may even tempt me to pay a visit to Broad’s boozer  in Wymeswold with fellow Notts player Harry Gurney – The Three Crowns.


6 Three Crowns 4 03.08.17

Their Cat & Wickets Pub Company has two pubs and I visited this one way back in August 2017 as one of my first ten boozers in Life After Footballread it here.

However, the excitement of cricket didn’t end there as I managed to spend Saturday  afternoon catching a snapshot  of the Marston’s Derbyshire County Cricket League Division 7 South clash between Melbourne Town CC (2nd XI) and Ticknall CC (3rd XI).

(proper cricket)

MSP 25.07.20 (2)

I saw Melbourne race to 143-9 from 24 overs – I know all you readers love a stat – and then rain eventually meant a draw. The score can be found here and basically Melbourne Town CC got 14 points and Ticknall CC eight; it’s as easy to work out as the Duckworth Lewis method, so all the best.

MSP (1)

This is proper cricket where players put the covers on and carry bags of sawdust to ensure soggy wickets are playable whilst f you’re out you then have to umpire and it is a labour of love.

In fact, the conversation I had with the barman at 568 – Melbourne Sports Park DE73 8DG only confirmed the view that cricket is a sport for everyone.

MSP (6)

This is the clubhouse for the cricket club that is arguably the best club house in Derbyshire (on a par with Duffield – read it here )

(view from the clubhouse)

MSP 25.07.20 (10)

It’s one of those terrific village models that includes Melbourne Dynamo FC, Melbourne RFC, Melbourne Town CC and the LTA.

Throw in a lot of NGB funding and you have a cracking facility on the edge of Melbourne that is well used and the bar is open.

MSP 25.07.20 (8)

I thought I’d pop in for one on Saturday whilst watching the Division 7 south clash and Sky Sports was on showing Anderson and Broad rip through West Bromwich Dartmouth Indies in the first innings.

MSP 25.07.20 (6)

No cask on as I suspect it’s too much of a risk but a mighty fine pint of 61 Deep (Marston’s) or as Duncan called it 61 Caught in the Deep (copyright MacKay 2020)

A friendly lad emerged from the floor to serve me and he was great value.  He confirmed  he had “never played cricket to any great level but it is all about standing in the field for hours finding ways to take the p*** out of each other and sledge the opposition!”

MSP 25.07.20 (11)

That sounds about right and is one of the reasons I love cricket.  There is something for everyone and the 45 minutes at Melbourne summed it up perfectly.

A young lad coming in at number 8 smashed a qucikfire 47 with a blizzard of boundaries and was magnificent to watch, albeit against none too hostile bowling.  Rumour has it he is coached by Chris Read at one of the Derbyshire schools and he looked like he should possibly be playing at a higher level!

MSP 25.07.20 (14)

However, his team mate, who sacrificed his wicket to get aforementioned player back on strike was shown no sympathy by his team mates and given some brutal stick before being asked to help put the covers on in between innings. I love cricket at this level.

(finished as quickly as a Stuart Broad over)

MSP 25.07.20 (15)

Anyway, a fantastic facility that has improved the sporting options in the village and shows Sky Sports most nights of the week – what more do you want?




9 thoughts on “Cricket Is Back – Caught In The 61 Deep

  1. More crickety beer posts please, in the absence of going to watch anything vaguely professional. Division 7 South certainly doesn’t sound vaguely professional but maybe more so than Division 8. I hesitate to ask how many there are but clearly impressive participation levels in the area.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a seismic step up from division 8 😄 it goes down to division ten and levels still good considering national trends….Ticknall CC youth section doing well and I’m hoping I can spend next 30 years watching them play around Derbyshire 👍🏏🍺

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cricket started in 1992 when Sky bought the rights to Division 7 South !!

    Great post. 61 Deep is everywhere.

    I saw some cricket in a Cambs village on Thursday. Must have been 6th formers but I swear there were more people watching (several dozen villagers) than attend Gloucester v Durham in the County Champ.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha😄 you could be right 🍺 lower league cricket is the way to go I reckon… natural social distancing although I think Amazon have put a bid in for Derbyshire division 8 next year…61 Deep on keg is better than cask…just don’t tell anyone!

      Liked by 1 person

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