Pubs Alive And Kicking: Part 14

You left me drinking a pint, watching cricket under leaden grey skies…quintessential Britain.

Another element of quintessential Britain is, of course, three-roomed boozers with different beermats to notify the change of room.

Green Man 18.07.20 (6)

There are still one or two boozers that adhere to this top class tradition and I visited one last week (number 14 post lockdown) as the great cask revival continues to kick in.

Green Man 18.07.20 (13)


569 – Green Man B46 3AH is on the High Street in Coleshill and is arguably the most prominent pub in this Warwickshire/West Midlands town.

Track and trace and all the accompanying safety reasons have made pubs safer than most other outlets…but I love it when a pub still feels like a pub.

Green Man 18.07.20 (3)

By that, I mean you have a bit of freedom to move around, albeit in a safe and structured way but when you have to sit in a certain seat it doesn’t quite feel the same.

Green Man 18.07.20 (4)

This place is a cracker and full of Brummie banter with the bar being nicely full and the barmaid working behind a visor was in good form.

(mysterious pub game – answers on a postcard to Mark please)

Green Man 18.07.20 (5)

The bar was lively and the other room (different beermats) was also full of good characters and I decided to pitch up in the small third room (different beermats again) and just chill out and enjoy the atmosphere of proper pubbery.

Green Man 18.07.20 (9)

I had the option of the ubiquitous Doom Bar but went for an absolute corking pint of 6X (Wadworth) that was absolute nectar.

I met another local scientist in the loo who told he couldn’t believe one of his pals had yet to come out after two weeks of the boozers being open.


Green Man 18.07.20 (11)

“I understand what he’s saying but f*** me, you’ve got to learn to live with it!” was the general gist of it and he strolled back into the second loudest room to waxy lyrical with his other mates who had come out.

A great pub – quintessential Britain – and as long as pubs like this are still thriving then there is plenty to be optimistic about.

21 thoughts on “Pubs Alive And Kicking: Part 14

  1. “I met another local scientist in the loo who told he couldn’t believe one of his pals had yet to come out after two weeks” – must have been a big loo! The power of editing. Remember that pub well.

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  2. Spent a lot of time in The Green Man as a youngster in the 80s as it was my dad’s favourite pub. We lived about three miles away but to him it was worth the drive for the Bass. Glad to see it hasn’t changed much.

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