Ploughing Into The Bass

You left me in Coleshill in a ‘proper pub’ but this blog never stands still for too long and the cask renaissance picks up pace in Diseworth.

Plough 25.07.20 (30)

That’s right, one of those villages in close proximity to East Midlands Airport,

Plough 25.07.20 (25)

just about in Leicestershire, with a whopping 670 residents.

Screenshot (2)

However, arguably its biggest selling point is that Diseworth’s solitary pub sells Bass.

Plough 25.07.20 (33)

Yep, a bit of Bass porn for you today and the Wickingman will find it hard to contain his excitement.

Plough 25.07.20 (8)

Apart from a revisit to The Swan there has been no sightings of Bass post lockdown but it is a case of get it while you can.

Plough 25.07.20 (24)

It’s never been so good and 570 – The Plough Inn DE74 2QJ wasn’t about to disappoint.  A fair few punters in the beer garden and some good banter in the bar/lounge ensured this was a pub that oozed ‘thriving village local.’

Plough 25.07.20 (7)

A two-roomer where everyone appeared to know everyone else and a good vibe throughout….I do, however, have a confession to make.

Plough 25.07.20 (2)

As I looked at the bar there was the option of Theakston’s Lightfoot or Bass and I thought I’d ask the barmaid what she recommended.

Idle chit chat it may have been but I could feel the weight of Thurman, Taylor, Mudgie and Webster on my shoulder like the devil in Animal House.

Plough 25.07.20 (10)

Thankfully, she recommended the Bass with the line “the Bass is always good here,” and so it proved.

Absolute nectar…creamy, crisp and quaffable as I parked myself in the lower of the two rooms in an open plan boozer.

The Maltmeister asked for some evidence of a finished pint…here you go

Plough 25.07.20 (15)

It looked like a well used mix of punters as not only gentlefolk but also lower middle aged people (like Martin) and a couple of youngsters ensured a good buzz around this place at around 5pm on a Saturday evening.

(who’s on these bottles…)

Plough 25.07.20 (4)

The tunes on in the background were of the highest order as well with Franz Ferdinand, Jet and Green Day were all banging out and there was plenty of livery over the walls as well as community links.

Plough 25.07.20 (18)

As is the norm, I met a pub scientist in the toilets who, when he saw me waiting for the sink as per protocol he chuckled and said “This is all bollocksWe’ll all be dead eventually anyway”

With that he was off to drink his Bass and it seemed like most people were drinking Bass and, morose toilet musings aside, this place is a cracker.

Plough 25.07.20 (13)

Well worth a visit if you’re near to the Airport or trying to avoid the infamous Kegworth interchange.

Or, of course, if you just want to drink a quality pint of Bass.


7 thoughts on “Ploughing Into The Bass

  1. First class Bass headliner photo BB. .

    ..had me drooling uncontrollably from the off…

    I wonder with so many high quality pubs, whether the West Midlands should become a UNESCO World Heritage Site…🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m amazed it hasn’t been announced already! I suspect if we lobbied them with Bass 🔺 it would work…can I leave you in charge of Bass hustings?
      However. I’d have to go for all the Midlands as Leicestershire is definitely east Midlands so you could be starting a geographical war here😄

      Liked by 1 person

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