Roadside Boozers Up And Running In Chilwell

“Let’s go to the Greene King purpose built pub and grill boozer on A6505 next to Chilwell Industrial Estate for a pint”

Said no one


Corn Mill 24.07.20 (33)

But you shouldn’t always judge a book by its (very similar) cover.

Of course, I say that safe in the knowledge that the late great Alan Winfield has reviewed this boozer in a Nottingham suburb.

Corn Mill 24.07.20 (1)

If you’ve never read Alan’s blog then you have missed a treat as he would go on mammoth pub crawls and was the king of ‘no nonsense’ boozers.

If you go onto the Pubs Galore website there are a shedload of Alan reviews and here is his take

Corn Mill

on 571 – The Corn Mill NG9 6GX

(proper cask selection)

Corn Mill 24.07.20 (2)

I’m not sure if it was 6 out of 6, 6 out of 10 or 6 out of 100 but rest assured Alan would have been in here on more than one occasion, probably with his wife, and necked a pint of cask.

(pouring a pint – 2020)

Corn Mill 24.07.20 (5)

Built back in the 80’s as a Kimberley pub the inevitable change into Greene King won’t be met with huge amounts of love in Nottingham.

However, like a lot of pubs that are initially built on the edge of retail parks, industrial estates, service stations, they often morph into someone’s local as houses usually follow.

This is perched between Beeston and Chilwell – nice for Ben to get a town named after him following Leicester’s fifth placed finish this season – and has acquired a multitude of chimney pots.

Duncan commented recently about just how ‘pubby’ Beeston and surrounding areas are and even this stretch of road seems to have an identikit GK roadside boozer every half mile.

Corn Mill 24.07.20 (24)

I’m on holiday – just in case you didn’t know – and that means ‘holiday rules apply and it is OK to have a pint before midday (around 11:30 to be precise).

So, once I’d been welcomed in and given the full GK Pub Safe routine I was plonked on Table 19 in the corner.

Corn Mill 24.07.20 (16)

I asked if I could move tables – cue a bit of a conference – and it was deemed ok for me to move and watch Dean Ashton on Sky Sports in silence (Dean – not me).

Corn Mill 24.07.20 (10)

I definitely prefer pubs where you can move about sensibly but the staff were very helpful and I just wonder if this place is becoming more of a local pub.

£3.05 for a cracking pint of (Greene King) IPA and I could pay with cash, use a beer mat and enjoy the bantz between the four staff members, as they exchanged life as a barman in the covid era.

(bench seating)

Corn Mill 24.07.20 (19)

Just to prove you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover Gomez  with Whipping Piccadilly were on in the background and that is a classic tune I’ve not heard in many a year.

Corn Mill 24.07.20 (13)

There is a big kids adventure playground outside and a couple of ladies were drinking with a couple of their ankle biters rampaging around and another couple just arrived for a pint so the place was cranking into life at midday.

(hanging baskets – always a good sign)

Corn Mill 24.07.20 (31)

Alan’s been for a drink here, which is good enough for me and whilst it doesn’t have oodles of history it did serve an excellent pint and has Sky Sports on the box so maybe, just maybe, this is the sort of place that could become a local for the (Ben) Chilwell Swiney Road estate in the background.



14 thoughts on “Roadside Boozers Up And Running In Chilwell

  1. Your comment makes it sound like pubs often precede housing in areas like this one. Is that common? In the US housing normally precedes any retail or food outlets. I wouldn’t expect a pub company to anticipate business like that. Kind of interesting.

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    1. It might be they struck lucky Dave… there is a pub on Kingsway retail park on derby that was relatively nondescript called kings highway…they’ve just built hundreds of new homes about 300 yards away over the traffic island and a ready made local for best part of a 1000 new people!
      It happens quite a bit and I think they must have a heads up on future development as only ever seems to be Marston’s or GK who build them ..


    2. There’s a pub at the start of my road that I believe was the first building in the area – my house dates from 1905. It wouldn’t surprise me if the developers of the estate invited the brewery to build there – who would want to move into an area with no pub? (at least at that time).

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  2. Nottingham Brewery and their perfectly drinkable Extra Pale is the saviour of many GK pubs in Notts. Worse case scenario is when a former Kimberley pub sticks doggedly with the old Hardy & Hansons brands which are truly awful facsimiles of the originals.

    Good to see proper seating in there, other than the location, bland decor, no specific bar/drinking area, generally poor range of beers, lack of swearing, lack of games, single-space dullness of these places, it’s the high tables and stool seating that kills them for me 😂

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    1. Fantastic! That made me chuckle and what a great response! I agree with all that although I am partial to a well kept pint of GK IPA.
      In all seriousness…do you think in about 30 years, these might be the only places left? Would you stay in or go to somewhere like this?


      1. I think they may be the last places standing, but if they are they’re likely to be so far away from what I regard as a pub as to be invisible. They’re not likely to get ‘more’ pubby, chances are they’ll be part of a national/international chain by then, and the idea of popping in for a pint ‘might’ still exist but I doubt it’ll be anything like the norm outside of specialist beer pubs/bars. I don’t care for these kind of family dining ‘pubs’, but even more I don’t like the way they so stringly signal the direction of travel for the on trade. Like beer enthusiasts, us pub enthusiasts are a tiny, endangered part of the market I’m afraid.

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      2. Wise words pal and I suspect you are right. I understand the need for caution at present but dining pubs really make the experience very average. Vintage Inns are worse I feel. Pleasant staff but all very sanitised and “sit here” which, ultimately, is the last thing I want from a pub.
        I hope you’re not right but I think you may well be….I can see it on your blog at the amount of places that no longer have games on or have bitten the dust…


  3. Nice post BB and a great reference and link to Alan – nice to hear that.

    Shrewd to request a table move – assume ‘watching the TV’ was just a cover for getting more photos of a different part of the pub 🙂

    (Even) the Greene King IPA looks good (and why not?) – do they ever serve bad beer in the Midlands..? 😉

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s a good ploy – will try that one myself when the opportunity arises.

        Oh well – you’re certainly having a good run of top pints – and i’m certainly enjoying those – so the one or two below par pints ain’t too bad

        Liked by 1 person

  4. “I definitely prefer pubs where you can move about sensibly ” Me too.

    In general, do you think the Greene King pubs are the ugliest of the chains, both inside and out, with all their billboards, signs and styling ?

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