Owzat! A Coleorton Hat-Trick

I know Stirchley Pete and Wolves Paul are hanging on for my much anticipated mini tour of pubs in South Brum but sometimes events just take over.

Firstly, I paid a visit to the LE67 postcode after Leicester eased lockdown and there is nowhere I would rather visit than the Coalville postcode.

George 2 (1)

Secondly, it gave me a chance to complete the hat-trick of Coleorton pubs. Including the delightfully named Farm Town, Colerton has a whopping 1200 punters and is on the edge of Coalville.

Thirdly, it gave me an opportunity to listen to the “Brummie Botham” as Chris Woakes saw England over the line in the first test against Pakistan.

George 2 (11)

Sun, beer and TMS on the blower is all you need in any pub – anyone who says otherwise is sadly  misguided!

George 2 (20)

So, at around 3.30 on Saturday I took full advantage of the sun and headed out to 576 – The George LE67 8HF.

(A great view)

George 2 (5)

It’s on the A512 Loughborough Road and is clearly the Coleorton boozer to be seen at.  In my trips to The Kings Arms read here and The Angel read here  I wasn’t swamped with punters. So, it was good to see a healthy turnout here as the beer garden at the back was safely full.

(full car park = punters!)

George 2 (16)

Just one family eating inside and a couple out the front enjoying their Stella, but this was easily the most punters I had ever seen in a Coleorton boozer.

(all good pints are worth waiting for…)

George 2 (3)

A choice of three on the bar and after extensive consultation with a friendly barman, he steered me towards the Ubu (Purity) and I have to say it was top notch.

George 2 (14)

All that was left was for me to sit back, turn on TMS and listen to a clatter of wickets as it looked like Pakistan would win.

Never doubt the Brummie Botham though and as I left he was just warming up with Jos Buttler and by the time I was at my evening BBQ we were almost home and dry!

George 2 (18)

A cracking local pub that is on the edge of this village and was the perfect setting for a Saturday afternoon pint.

Leicestershire, or rather LE67 continues to deliver and I look forward to finding a couple of boozers in this postcode I’ve not been too…Shepshed Pete is the man for finding hidden nuggets so it’s over to you Pete!


6 thoughts on “Owzat! A Coleorton Hat-Trick

  1. There’s a button on the top of my screen I sometimes press by accident that suddenly starts reading the words on the screen. It just read “Owzat” in a broad Somerset accent and scared me.

    Looks a good pint, though I never choose Purity over that microbrewery Marstons.

    Good to see a few more punters out and about this week but sadly nothing like normal levels.

    The world awaits your report on the Stamford & Warrington.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Apparently you have to sign the gaffer’s vest and Steve Bull pictures for track & trace purposes in the Stamford!
      Decent pub and actually more full than any other one in coleorton but that’s not difficult.
      Pedi nearly always first choice but so hot I thought I’d check with the barman…Purity have blotted their copybook by linking up with Villa but a good pint on this occasion 😎

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Made me laugh. I’d rather lick the golly than get within 2 metres of that vest.

        I’m amazed Purity have lasted so long, they do seem to have a market in the younger drinkers like you and I’m the only person who actually liked their Brum bar !

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Everytime I think you not been to a pub, a search shows you have! I’ll keep thinking…
    In the meantime, if you like your path less beaten, you could have a look at The Jolly Sailor in Hemington,. (Down below Castle Donington). Another Leicestershire pub that thinks it’s in Derbyshire – DE74 2RB.

    Liked by 1 person

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