Bass Is Back, Bass Is Back, ‘Allo…’Allo

Boozers are back; Bass is back; And grown men with tattoos calling you Duck after you buy a pint to prove that #publife in Derbyshire is slowly returning.

That terrace chant from the seventies and eighties would have been booming out from the beer garden if I had my way when I visited 624 – The Bull’s Head DE12 8JU on the Burton Road in Rosliston.

Clearly, these photos were taken last week prior to the grand indoor reopening as the sun was actually shining…


It’s was one of those glorious villages that could be in Staffordshire, Leicestershire or Derbyshire with the National Forestry Centre just over half a mile away to give you an idea of its location.

642 residents at the last count back in 2011 and I can’t imagine there are too many more when the latest Census results are known, but that doesn’t stop Rosliston having a first rate pub in the Bass heartlands.

Apparently the owners bought it from Marston’s in 1993 and it is ticking along nicely with a biker, ladies that lunch and a couple of gentlefolk all happily ensconced and enjoying life to the full.

The landlord and landlady were very chatty and I knew I was in deepest Derbyshire when he called me Duck as I ordered a pint of nectar.

Of course, not every pint of Bass is nectar but this one was and the best I have had so far post lockdown.

Conversations ranged from covid headaches and covid procedures with other punters drinking lager, Pedigree and wine in no particular order and it was proper pubbery of the highest order inside.

It was a quick stroll through for the toilet but it looked like it oozed history and will no doubt be chucking out the Bass indoors on a grotty weather day like today.

It’s a tough gig this #savingpubs malarkey but as long as I keep on discovering pubs like this with beer as good as this then it makes the job that much easier.

Celebrating the ordinary, unremarkable but utterly fantastic pubs in the Midlands…

19 thoughts on “Bass Is Back, Bass Is Back, ‘Allo…’Allo

  1. Beermat don’t do that to me….I saw the title and thought you were breaking the news that Blues’s first signing of the close season was the solid but unspectacular right back of the mid to late 90’s !!

    That is a fabulous looking pint by the way

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  2. Are Bass and Pedigree preferred beers in that area? Do they have a strong local following? I’m curious if there is still a real local loyalty to them.

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      1. There’s been an upsurge in local love for Bass in recent years. Drinkers don’t associate the draught version with the global brand. Two National Bass Days have been planned, although sadly cancelled due to lockdowns.

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      2. It’s a good job you’re here Mudgie as I’d actually forgotten about the National Bass Day!!! 🔺👍 yes quite a big interest in it down to the hard work of Ian Thurman, Mudgie, The Beertonian and a few other assorted Bass aficionados

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      3. And I can tell you they are not the same beer. Bass in bottles over here is particularly bad beer. Not far off from Budwieser. Really a shame.

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