Don’t Call Me Shirley: Part 3

Shirley has certainly attracted a bit of a spike in my stats recently and also ensured that Pete has a blockbusting question for his next quiz at The Bulls Head in Hall Green.

I’ve yet to blog about this Ember gem but Pete assures me it is THE place to drink in South Brum and he always plugs his quiz knows his boozers.

Planet Earth is Blue has given him this little gem…Which former Chelsea and England player managed, lived and died at the Bull’s Head ? He also played for Small Heath, Middlesbrough and Birmingham.

Spoiler Alert – The answer is found in the comments section in Part 1 of this trilogy but any Birmingham City links will go down a storm in Hall Green.

Tamworth Mark certainly likes his Blues links although he has been more concerned with the lack of Shirley Crabtree AKA Big Daddy references thus far.

Already five pubs in, the conversation hadn’t yet turned to wrestling but the prospect was growing by the minute as we headed for a revisit to 405 – Craft Inn Shirley B90 3AU.

Some splendid Attic Brewery beer was order of the day and Dan was proving a worthy addition to the conversation.

However, it was time to move on and meet another of our party as the lure of an M&B Sizzler the 634 – Saracens Head B90 3AG was in fine form.  This, like the Plume further up the A34, is what proper Shirley life is all about.

The banter was raucous, plenty of smokers and lively lads and definitely a sports boozer.  The second one I’ve seen with Euro 2020 flags outside

and it is what you’d call a proper roadside boozer with locals aplenty.

Bryn joined us and armed with shades, fags, a remarkably good head on his Carling and the ability to look at least ten years younger than me despite being born in the same year upped the ante.

The Doom Bar (Sharp’s) was in remarkably good nick though and Martin would have approved of THE go to cask ale. 

We ventured inside for a while to watch England play New Zealand and the atmosphere was livening up nicely as the Shirley stroll continued…

19 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Shirley: Part 3

      1. Not allowed! Based on the fags packaging I can’t tell if they think they’re healthy for you or not. You gotta love English packaging!

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  1. Thanks for the Big Daddy shout out Beermat, however thinking of other Shirleys with similar legendary status hasn’t been as Easy Easy Easy. I’ve been scratching my Temple and whilst Welsh songstress (Bass)ey may be a nod to your favourite pint it’s a bit lame, and if I dared to suggest Strictly judge Ballas you’d undoubtedly tell me to Foxtrot Oscar !!

    Keep dancing…..


  2. To be fair we used to share it …all set by us and all money to charideee 😎been asked to do it again but can’t compete against Mr Google’s team 😱

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  3. Thanks for the recommendations I have just had an enjoyable evening in the Shaken Hand and the Craft Inn I’d recommend the Sommer Brew in the Craft Inn


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