“This Is A Wolves Pub”

“This is a Wolves pub,” said the barmaid and it definitely felt like an eighties throwback to the days when Bully and Mutch were tearing up Division 4 League Two.

If you read between the lines on the CAMRA website, it is always a good bet as to whether the local branch visits a pub regularly or not.

Martin often reckons they send a Stafford Paul type in to estate style pubs to walk in, check the cask keg range and then hotfoot it out of there at a rate of knots.

“Basic and lively local’s pub in a historic Georgian building dating from 1820 or earlier – No real ale” is the blurb on the website and that is a apt description.

I’ve no doubt Paul WME has been to the 637 – Old Peacock DY10 2EE of course with his fellow old gold boys in the Horsefair region of Kidderminster, as he loves a boozer of the ‘Alan Winfield’ variety.

It’s been the best part of 20 years since I’ve been to Kidderminster and I always remembered the Horsefair region as being one of those earthy, grittier parts of what is already an earthy, gritty town.

Even Tamworth Mark would describe Kidderminster as ‘no-nonsense’ and  three of my pals and I took a trip down memory lane.

To be fair, the walk along the Stafford and Worcester canal from Wolverley was picturesque sporting some new houses canalside looking very des res for Kiddy.

We then walked through a ‘no nonsense, old skool, throwback estate that had some magnificent doorstep arguments, random items of clothing strewn everywhere with a lot, and I mean a lot of teenagers and twentysomethings loitering.

However, 99% of the people 99% of the time are spot on, a lad with a carrier bag full of cans, pointed us in the direction of the Horsefair, and we kicked on to the Old Peacock.

It’s a Grade II listed building and stands proud in the Horsefair. We weighed up all the facts and decided that 2pm on a Friday was the best time to try it out.

It is a proper pub of the spit and sawdust variety although pristine and tidy inside.  

Two old boys sat either end of the bar with Sky Sports on in the background and one of them pointed us towards the free pool table.

We thought we’d mention the mighty Harriers but the barmaid told us “This is a Wolves pub” and showed us the photo of the gaffer with Steve Bull when he turned up in Kiddy to reopen this in 1994.

The barmaid was great value, full of life and happy to regale us with plenty of stories from days gone by.

Apart from the old boys and our gang of four the place was quiet although there seemed to be a lot of interest in the toilet from a couple of younger lads.

I reckon this place would be a lively boozer of an evening

although it was warm and welcoming. The John Smith’s x4 went down well and quenched the thirst after a decent canal walk.

There are a few more Kidderminster pubs on the horizon as I finally start venturing into Worcestershire…However, the Horsefair is up there with the best gritty town centre boozers I have been into. 

A pub not for the faint hearted but well worth a visit!

15 thoughts on ““This Is A Wolves Pub”

    1. I looked at the Queen’s honours list today and was staggered to see Life After Football missed out again. Surely promoting Proper Pubs with Elvis signs and dartboards is more important than kicking a bag of wind ?

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  1. Just had a look on StreetView – it’s on that kind of street you often find just outside the centre of big towns amongst dodgy takeaways, tattoo parlours and Polish grocers.

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  2. Although we’ve been through Kidderminster quite a few times on the cut, we’ve never ventured outside the ring road for drinks and so missed this classic boozer. Maybe next time we’re there I’ll try and get my fellow boaters to take a trip on the ‘wild side’! Magnificent building!

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  3. As you suspected Beermat, I have indeed been to the Old Peacock – my Wolves allegiance helped me live to tell the tale. It was very well worn at the time and your pictures suggest it might have been given a slight (very slight) sprucing up; I’ve even played darts on that board as well, and chatted away about Steve Bull’s finest Molineux moments. As part of the same crawl we did the Blue Bell nearby (a sidestreet Banks’s I think is still going), and the sadly departed Yew Tree which used to be on the hill up from Broadwaters. Cheers, Paul

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    1. I knew you wouldn’t let me down Paul and you probably get more leeway as a Wolves fan ! We saw the Blue Bell but that will be for another time 😉 Kiddy has some proper old pubs and we also squeezed in the Railway Train, which was good value


  4. Ouch !! It may have been a Wolves pub BB but it looked that rough that even Kevin Muscat wouldn’t have tackled it !!

    Kidderminster always has unhappy memories from a footballing perspective. I recall a pre season friendly some years back when some of our fans, rather than purchasing the new top at the club shop, decided to physically remove them from the players at the end of the match !! I think the least said about the more recent FA Cup tie between the two sides the better!!

    From a non footballing perspective I recollect going to the long lost Market Tavern in the town centre in the early 90’s to see Timperley’s finest Frank Sidebottom. Sadly the night ended in chaos when the stage was invaded by local youths who attempted to remove Frank’s papier-mâché head !!

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