The Hartshorne Trilogy

I know how you like your trilogies and I have made you wait for this one.  August 11, 2017 was the date of the inaugural LifeAfterFootball post and finally, 638 pubs and almost four years later, I can draw this one to a close.

A bit like The Godfather, The Lord Of The Rings, Mad Max, Back To The Future, Indiana Jones and er Toy Story, The Hartshorne Trilogy will be logged with the Pub Union of Bloggers (PUB) as arguably the least memorable trilogy in the history of boozing blogs.

Way back in August 2017 the blog was making some bold boasts

“So, my mission, from August 2017, is to visit as many pubs in the Midlands as I can (work commitments and family life notwithstanding) and try to discover why so many people are still indulging in our favourite national pastime.”

And quickly realised that most people are interested in pub life rather than beer…

“This place was set up for food but everyone was drinking. A real mixed bag of customers from a Scottish guy who was shifting around the pub for better Wi-Fi, to the MMA trainer with a pit bull and his entourage along with a (possibly) Lithuanian family discussing language barriers!”

However, you’ll be pleased to note the one comment is from the doyen of commentators – a bloke called Russ from Canada – whatever happened to him?

Anyway, if you want to see where all of this nonsense started then you can read it here.  It won’t take long; a bit like the length of an England test innings against New Zealand…

I’m not quite sure why it’s taken me so long to pitch up at the third Hartshorne boozer 639 – The Bulls Head DE11 7ET but I finally cracked on Sunday after watching my lad play a cricket game in searing heat, that handily finished at 12.01.

Just in time to get to The Bulls Head and order a pint of Pedigree (Marston’s) from their tight cask range. 

It’s a cracking old building dating from the 16th Century apparently.  I remember a rumour that they had some kind of reciprocal agreement with the Admiral Rodney whereby they are the ‘food pub’ and open earlier and The Rodney is the ‘beer pub’ and they open later.

Not sure that is still the case but Russ will be pleased to note this pub is based on his favourite road, the A514…

…and whilst it was quiet when I arrived with my lad there were apparently a lot of bookings and we got shoe horned in the corner booth so decided to take the outdoor table instead.

It’s a classic sight indoors with  beamed ceilings and some bench seating, but definitely feels more like it is set up for eating

…although the pint was crisp and well kept.

Hartshorne is having a new estate built further down the road (probably Woodville really, but estate agents won’t have it) so there are more chimney pots to fill its three boozers.

Paul WME will be pleased to see the flat roof possibility of its local church should it ever toy with being converted to a pub

and the boozer itself was ticking over with that sleepy Sunday serene feel to it.

There were already a few diners in and just as we left one of the gentlefolk shouted at the door that she’d forgotten her mask and was waiting patiently for someone to bring her one.

And that, in terms of excitement, is about as good as it got.  However, the beauty of Midlands pubs and clubs is the unexpected, the ‘not knowing’ and the anticipation as you step through the door for the first time.

Six hundred and thirty eight pubs is a long time to complete a trilogy but don’t worry, in the quest for blogpost titles I will continue to dredge up the most nonsensical links and blasts from the past in order to pad out not a lot!

8 thoughts on “The Hartshorne Trilogy

  1. Beermat, if we are talking bad trilogies then I’ll see your Toy Story and raise you Look Who’s Talking….the least said about Look Who’s Talking Now the better !!

    I wonder if the Scottish guy managed to get a strong enough WiFi signal to Czech out any recent long range goals?!!

    A 12.01 finish to a game of cricket? Was it a) a short game b) an early start or c) a batting collapse?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How about Jaws 3 for a letdown? Two great films then a stinker….
      I believe the WiFi has been amended to drop in and out of any Scottish goals but work fully for their opponents…so basically it’s on all the time 😀
      9.30 start 16 overs per side all done and dusted by 12.01 🍺


  2. Hi Beer Mat, I think Russ disappears into the vast interior of Canada, from time to time. Not quite sure why, but I’m sure he will tell us when he eventually re-surfaces.

    This is really more of a test-piece, as I’ve recently had trouble posting comments on your enjoyable and highly readable blog. I have my say, click on the “Post Comment” button, but then, the whole carefully-crafted piece (my words!), vanishes into the ether, never to be seen again.

    Let’s see what happens this time, shall we?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great to hear from you Paul! I definitely removed my “block all comments from Kent” blocker😃 I found one in my spam folder bizarrely that I’ve accepted so hopefully that has done the trick 👌🤞 I think Russ goes on a month long bender without his phone as travelling to pubs in Canada must take longer!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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