Wonderful Wolverley

It has to be said, I’ve not really done the county of Worcestershire justice so far on this blog. 

Duncan will tell you just how picturesque it is when he watches Moeen Ali’s boys at arguably the country’s most scenic ground.

In almost four years of blogging on boozers in the Midlands I have only managed a paltry four, which has led to complaints from the Worcestershire Tourist board.

Apparently, a visit to a canalside pub in Stoke Prior, Redditch Cricket Club, The Coach and Horses in Weatheroak and an estate classic in the Horsefair region of Kidderminster haven’t really portrayed this county in its best light.

So why not visit the delightful village of Wolverley?

Also known as the acceptable face of Kidderminster, this place has sandstone cliffs and lies on the River Stour and Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal.

It boasts a magnificent church that has been around since the 13th Century

and a conservation area that just happens to house 640 – The Queens Head DY11 5XB.

This boozer has been around since the 17th Century, which means it is about as old as one of my drinking party, Julian who was last seen way back in 2019 at The Little Chester Ale House in Derby.

Wolverley was his former stomping ground in the eighties and he regaled us with tales of a fearsome landlady who refused to serve him due to his youthful boyish looks (hard to believe I know).

There was no such problem this time and we also managed to bring the crisp eating champion of the Midlands with us…

Banks’s Amber Ale (Bitter to anyone over 35) was in good nick, in fact it was so good we stopped for a couple and tried the front and back beer patio/garden and the place was nicely full outside with ladies that lunch, blokes, couples and gentlefolk.

The legendary former Gaffer had long since departed but a bit of local knowledge is always good as we plotted a walk along the canal and looking forward to a huge cash reward from the Worcestershire Tourist Board – or a year’s supply of Banks’s…either will do.

7 thoughts on “Wonderful Wolverley

  1. Great canal walking territory around Wolverley Mr Beermat sir, and I see Martin has already referred you to the nearby delights of Cookley too. Queens Head looks like its been given a posher makeover since I last saw it but pleased to see the Banks’s was drinking well.

    PS – flat roof church/potential Hartshorne micro duly noted! Cheers, Paul

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  2. Looks a great venue Beermat. I was particularly impressed of the party piece by the crisp eating champion of the Midlands. Not content with the packet of lightly sea salted Tyrrell’s he then appears to go on to eat his whole hand !!

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