Lock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle

You left me extolling the virtues of Kidderminster countryside – endorsed by no less a pub doyen than Martin Taylor I’ll have you know – but it’s back to earth with a bump tonight.

I’ve just watched Dawid Malan drop a catch again – the first time since a post way back in August 2018 – but it looks like England will beat Ceylon as they are four (no make that five) down as I write.

The reason I am in watching cricket on a Thursday night and making this a ‘live’ post is because my job means I have to bloody self-isolate for ten days due to covid rules.

I can lateral flow negatively (is that a thing?) every day and have no symptoms but I still need to sit in my pad…oh well, but it’s hardly a rock and roll lifestyle.

(not rock ‘n’ roll…but Pete might disagree)

Sex Pistols “Rock and Roll Swindle”, Oasis “Rock and Roll Star”, Motorhead “Rock and Roll”, The Beatles “Rock and Roll Music” will all be on my playlist over the next ten days…once I’ve finished watching the cricket…that’s six down now as Rashid has picked up a wicket.

Nonetheless, my Lock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle was ticking along nicely on my recent trip to Wolverley as me and my pals popped into the second pub in the village 641 – The Lock DY10 3RN

It’s a proper canalside pub with outdoor seating where you can watch the likes of Pete Allen struggle as they try and navigate with a pubful of punters watching on…

…apparently this is called ‘Gongoozling’ in Worcestershire, Duncan and the Mappiman will no doubt be able to explain.

It was more family orientated and food orientated than The Queens Head – make that seven wickets as David Willey has just caught someone at mid-on from Chris Jordan – but had that slightly chaotic feel that all good canal pubs possess.

Simon reflected on his crisp eating record that was set in the Queens Head whilst Julian reflected on his (still) ongoing Coastal journey – read here – that started about as long ago as this blog.

A lively pub for a Friday lunchtime and a terrific pint of Sunbeam (Banks’s)

that confirms this really is Paul WME/Wolves heartland despite the panoramic views.

An old skool style pub that is surviving due to its atmosphere, proximity to the canal, food and good beer. 

It’s a recipe that can’t go wrong. Rock and Roll eh…just six more days to go…

Sri Lanka finished 111-7 by the way…just in case you were wondering and Jonny Bairstow has been bowled in the first over of our reply…cricket will keep me sane!

20 thoughts on “Lock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle

    1. Yes! Should keep me with an English interest till at least Tuesday evening!! I can always revert back to the cricket as it looks set to be a great summer if it… glad New Zealand won the test championship as they are perennial underdogs 👍
      Have you been to Wolverley?


      1. That’s the absurdity of cricket – the big 3 largely get to choose who they play while NZ will probably not even get a 3 match series now, let alone who. An improved format for the World Test Champioships would help (and help over rates as Aus would have been in final but for losing points for that.

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  1. Amazingly, we haven’t stopped at The Lock for a long, long time…mainly because it is too close to Kidderminster! Looking back through our boating logs it was in 1999!
    It is usually quite busy when we go by with plenty of gongoozlers – yes, that is the correct term, and not just in Worcestershire!

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      1. A ‘gongoozler’ is someone who watches people operating/struggling with locks on the canals (usually watching from bridges…or pub gardens!). There’s even a Wikipedia entry – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gongoozler – which I was unaware of until now! It’s a term I was made aware of on my first trip back in 1980!

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  2. BB if you are interested in canal based pun material for your isolation playlist how about Rhythm of the Night by Debarge who I can only assume were Dutch fans of the water?!!

    I’ll get my coat !!

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