Seventies Town Centres – Kidderminster

As I continue to climb the walls find jobs to do whilst ‘working from home’ in lockdown isolation I can exclusively reveal Mrs BB is delighted at the washing that is being hung out in the back garden and the mowing of lawns as she is beginning to appreciate my existence.

As Clive Anderson once said to Jeffrey Archer “There is no beginning to your talent,” is the normal stance of Mrs BB but, and I’m sure she’ll agree my ability to quaff the odd pint often occasionally irritates impresses her.

So, in the absence of pubs and any sort of social interaction I have decided to pursue my favourite hobby and cash in with a couple of pouches from Leatherbritches Brewery.

Just over two quid a pint and delivered to your door…top class…but it still can’t beat going to the pub.

Mrs BB didn’t join me on my recent jaunt to arguably the most unloved town in the Midlands – Kidderminster – but I know she would have appreciated the shopping emporiums on Comberton Hill.

There aren’t many town centres where you can still buy CB radios and guns all under one roof and that gives you some idea of the market Kidderminster is attracting..

I half expected Bodie and Doyle to emerge from behind the shutters but a new build loomed ahead and what a cracking pub lay in store.

642 – Weavers Real Ale House DY10 1QH which is a stone’s throw from the weapon centre.

But there were no weapons here as the atmosphere was great and even the Perspex screens couldn’t stop the feeling of this of being a top notch pub.

It’s a regular award winner…

…and the blurb on the CAMRA website means they are regular visitors and it’s easy to see why with these lacings.

I can’t quite remember what I had but it looks marvellous and Jules was clearly making notes for his impending book about his nationwide pub crawl coastal walk the length of Britain.

The old boy next to us was great value and we had a good conversation about a town/village that is actually worse than Kidderminster somewhere between the carpet capital and Shropshire.

But, despite its flaws (floors – joke there for Tamworth Mark) there is no denying Kidderminster possesses some cracking pubs and this is one of them.

A good mix of ages with baseball caps, gentlefolk, families and groups of lads all enjoying the cobs, chatter and beer.

Even our designated driver for the day, John was in the mood for more after a stint at The Weavers and I can see why this place has won so many awards…

It’s also near to the Station and appears to be where the majority of pubs are in this higgledy-piggledy town that is a massive seventies throwback.

Join me next time for more carpet related beer tales (oh yes I can stretch this out for a while yet!)

17 thoughts on “Seventies Town Centres – Kidderminster

    1. Hmmm…it is a close call – Kidderminster has more boozers in the town centre for a proper crawl so it probably just edges it, but the Redditch ‘Spoons saved us last summer so it isn’t completely devoid of interest!

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  1. Absolutely brilliant photos.

    Kiddy is definitely better than Worcester for pubs in my humble opinion. That Weavers and the other Weavers on Park Lane are Top 150 pubs, as is Seven Stars and there’s great Banks.

    Worcester had very average beer, although in ancient buildings, last time there.

    Bromsgrove is great, Droitwich is dull, Stourport improving.

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    1. It’s got some good pubs pal so we’ll worth a visit👍 Cogley? Steady for us and promised a lot but is now 25 so needs a move really
      I’ll be interested to see how he goes as first choice right back as I think he has potential

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      1. Probably! Looks like he has promise and will have the dependable Peter Clarke alongside him for experience. Must have a trip to Kiddy and go on the steam train too

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  2. Well, well, well BB, I turn my back for five minutes and I miss Blues signing three players and you posting three new blog updates!!

    I know there’s been a relatively recent milestone birthday for you but I think, despite your recent domestic activity , your still a bit young to be the answer to the question what’s pink and wrinkly and hangs out your pants ?!!

    I would probably lose my comedy wings if I didn’t ask the question how’s your hairy helmet? I can almost hear Kenneth Williams saying Ooh Matron !!

    It was also good to see your blog have an underl(a)ying theme of carpet related puns. I wonder what odds you could’ve got on that? 22 to 1 I reckon !!

    Given the fact that the Euros are on I feel it remiss if I didn’t repeat the rumour that a former French captain has reportedly been to Kidderminster to buy a carpet, I bet it looks good on Zidane’s floor !!

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    1. Great post!! I’ll take Kevin Keegan but Trevor Francis would be even better 👊⚽️ Not been to that pub but looks perfect and you’re right…modern micros are becoming the new locals for many people


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