Everyone’s A Winner In Winster

The Peak District and the Derbyshire Dales takes some beating for natural beauty.  It should also be noted that it possesses some first rate pubs.

I don’t mean one of your new found Micros but rather your steeped in history stone built crackers that just ooze proper pubbery.

The sort of places that Dick and Dave fly over from the USA for and are archetypal British boozers.


The Wickingman may be a Stapenhill boy but he knows a good gig when he sees one and his excellent blog often posts about some of the Peak District’s best pubs.

Oh yes, he also writes about Bass!

(Bit more Birchover)

Work commitments mean I don’t visit the jewel in Derbyshire’s crown as often as I’d like but the prospect of a trip to Birchover for a walk with the crisp eating champion of the Midlands   Simon, and his dog, was too good to resist.

Last seen on my recent jaunt to Kidderminster, he is a top raconteur and as I promised him some Pipers in the pub afterwards we agreed on an 8-mile jaunt.

Stunning views, lots of hills and plenty of druid like stones meant we worked up a thirst but managed to resist the lure of Birchover’s pubs and headed for what is a roadside classic.

649 – The Miners Standard DE4 2DR in Winster is a stand alone pub in what was once the centre of the Lead Mining industry in Derbyshire.

Apparently, it was built in the 17th Century and its name refers to the dish traditionally used by miners to measure lead ore. It was clearly an important village back in the day and they take their pubs seriously,

A list of innkeepers in the one-roomed low ceilinged bar was a nod to the past but it is very well kept and the beer IPA (Greene King) was as good as I’ve tasted it this year

and Simon confirmed the Piper’s Salt & Vinegar were also proper pub food.

A good atmosphere inside but we plumped for a seat in the sun and met a top old boy who had biked on his motorcycle all the way from Belper and was having a quick stop off.

He gave us the low down on Belper’s (and Milford’s) boozers; , Like us, he said this pub had often caught his eye and it  didn’t fail to disappoint.

Friendly landlady, friendly locals, a top pub character with a touch of the Dennis Hopper’s in Easy Rider and a pub that is a real survivor.

It looks like a cracker from the outside and it is….respectful of its past but the perfect example of a modern country pub

8 thoughts on “Everyone’s A Winner In Winster

    1. Good shout Mudgie as that looks an absolute classic👌However, it looks like a few are struggling in the current climate and the kings arms in Crich was shut as was the Nelson Arms in a nearby village…hopefully some of them reopen🤞


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