Feeling Peculiar In Handsacre

I like to keep you on your toes on this blog and after the delights of a Derbyshire Peak District classic, it is back down to Staffordshire and one of those not quite Stoke/not quite Lichfield villages

A week after England’s Euro final defeat there are still plenty of positives…. The pubs are due to open fully in “Freedom Day” tomorrow.  I don’t have to listen to some of the very dull and dreary co commentators on ITV/BBC passing on “their knowledge” every night of the week.

And finally, the country’s nerves, which were shredded, can return to normal.

Take 650 -The Olde Peculiar WS15 4DP in Handsacre for example.  A classic old village pub next door to Armitage and close to the Trent & Mersey canal it is a one-roomer spilt into different levels.

This punter, a chatty friendly feller, stood waiting for a seat and confirmed, “I’ve never smoked so many cigarettes!  I can’t wait for it to end!  We always make it difficult – that’s what England do! “

He was responding to some good-natured question from a Scottish feller who managed to go the whole conversation without mentioning the Wembley win of 1977!

He can cut down in his B&H now as we all know the outcome but a good bit of pub chat with a lad across the tables is always the sign of a good village pub.

Food led, but very much a traditional feel, there was a bloke next to me who absolutely demolished his meal without a word spoken to his better half. However, he was built like a brick outhouse, washed it down with a pint of lager, and looked like he was set for the afternoon.

Families, couples, lads, ladies that lunch, gentlefolk…this place had them all on a Sunday afternoon and the atmosphere was chilled and lazy.

As the name suggests I could have had a pint of Theakston’s finest but opted for a terrific Bread & Butter (Vocation) instead.

This was the first time I’d seen that on cask in the Midlands and it really was spectacularly good.

 A bit of accommodation too and with chimney pots on the rise in Handsacre this place clearly has something for its ever expanding population…well worth a visit. 

6 thoughts on “Feeling Peculiar In Handsacre

  1. Greetings Beermat, I did wonder if Handsacre might crop up being as you reported from Armitage recently. I’ve enjoyed a couple of canal walks around there, enjoying ‘scenery’ such as the Armitage Shanks factory and Rugeley Power Station. Nice pub the Peculiar and pleased to hear it still sells Theakston’s; no Bread & Butter on my visit but the Black Bull Bitter was on form. I think the Crown is still going elsewhere in the village, and this old blogpost might give you further inspiration if you’re in the area again – https://wmexplorer.blogspot.com/2013/07/armitage-shanked.html Cheers, Paul

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    1. Top tips as ever WME and pleased to see I have finally notched up a Midlands boozer that you have done!!!
      Not had Bread & Butter before but absolutely blown away by how good it was….will check the Crown out n my next visit along with the Plum Pudding too!


  2. I had quite an experience on Friday night at a pub covered by you a while back BB. I won’t name names but it is an Ian Bell cover drive away from Edgbaston. I was already high following a much needed victory for the Bears over the Pears however I was a lot higher once I’d passed through the fog of cannabis as I entered the establishment. My friend and I are unlikely to get pinged this week as alarmingly track and trace was not a requirement and we soon got some odd looks by the locals which is hardly surprising given we were the only people in there wearing masks….maybe they thought we were about to rob the place !!

    There was a large number of people at the bar waiting to be served (is this allowed?!!) however my bar etiquette was exemplary in fact I let a few punters in ahead of me. I would like to point out that this had nothing to do with the fact that the barmaids were all wearing bikinis !!

    Unsurprisingly I felt an enquiry as to what ales were available would be a fruitless one and we opted for pints of Carling in plastic glasses….marvellous!!

    We hurried outside and sure enough it wasn’t long before we were accosted by a local (unforgivably wearing a villa shirt) informing us that if we needed a cab when we finished then we should contact him, though rather than giving us a business card he handed over a used train ticket with his number on the back !!

    You may not be surprised to hear that our visit was a short one !!

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  3. You touch on a point that I am quite curious about. Sports announcers. Most of us don’t play sports at a very high level, but I am still amazed by how little I learn while listening to televised sports. Why do play by play people and ex-players go brain dead as soon as they get in front of a microphone? I would assume that players talking amongst themselves actually have interesting things to say about sport. Or am I wrong in assuming this? When I listen to musicians talk I am completely enraptured by what they say base on their knowledge and skill. Only Keith Hernandez’s book “Pure Baseball” has ever given me that insight into sport. Seems a shame.


    1. I think a lot of it is old boys network and it’s easier to criticise officials rather than state players or managers made errors.
      I don’t think you need an “expert” during the game as nothing incisive is ever said during commentary
      Some decent analysts afterwards but usually monster egos so all gets a bit dull!!!
      IMHO of course 😃


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