All Hail The Dog And Duck

Gary Neville once called Liverpool “The Dog & Duck” after a defeat to Fulham in reference to them playing like a pub team.

It’s often the go to name when referring to a pub team but I can’t think of many so it was great to uncover one in Shardlow.

To be fair to Shardlow, this is the Derby suburb that has something for everyone so it’s no surprise it has a Dog & Duck for good measure.

A population of 842 means not many chimney pots but it does have a whopping seven pubs!   Yep, that’s right – a drinking establishment for every 120 punters of the local population.

A former inland port on the banks of the Trent & Mersey Canal, Shardlow’s pubs have an affinity with water and  651 – The Dog & Duck DE72 2GR is probably the one furthest away from the T&M canal.

It’s a big roadside boozer on the main drag through Shardlow and the first one you come to off the A6. 

I’ve still yet to visit the Malt Shovel whilst Smithy’s Marina Bar has been renamed so there’s yet more reasons to visit Shardlow.

I have managed to visit The NavigationThe Shakespeare (great beer garden)The New InnThe Clock WarehouseSmithy’s Marina Bar and now Neville’s favourite pub.

Oh yes, and the Shakespeare is a regular Sunday afternoon haunt after kids’ football (or it was) due to its gargantuan beer garden.

Anyway, what can I tell you about the Dog and Duck?  It’s a big Marston’s house – the 2-1 variety – and it was fairly quiet…but it was a Monday afternoon and there were probably around ten punters in.

Nonetheless, a very tidy pint of Gravity (Brakespear) a friendly barmaid and a tidy pub….not sure if thye’ve got a football team for Neville to analyse but there was a pool table, which is always a good sign.

Bog standard pub but that’s no bad thing and when you’re competing for less than 900 punters with six rivals then good beer, a bit of food and a tenuous link with Gary Neville might just pay dividends!

10 thoughts on “All Hail The Dog And Duck

  1. A friendly barmaid and a tidy pub, liking the sound of it BB would it be churlish of me to suggest a friendly pub and a tidy barmaid might top this?!!

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  2. I love doing all the pubs in a village or small town. It really gives a different perspective on pubs. You just see so many sides of the place. Places like Leek, Bridgnorth, Tenby and Whitby have just been great to do this in.

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    1. I agree totally Dave but shardlow is tiny by comparison. Just one newsagents I think and a curry house and that appears to be it!! You should get Pete to take you by canal boat a as me visit nearby sawley and cavendish bridge too and you could add another eight again on to your total 😎🍺


  3. The beauty of Shardlow is that there’s a Skylink bus stop outside all the pubs on the main road. Then add those at the bottom, middle and top of Castle Donington and it makes for a good non-driving day out from Loughborough or Derby.

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    1. Great shout Pete! I’ve been on that bus or a version of before from castle donington to Nottingham and it takes in loads of pubs.
      Not been to Loughborough for quite some time….I’ll need to change that 👍


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