When The Boat (And Horses) Comes In

You left me in the gloriously overpubbed Derbyshire suburb of Shardlow.  However, as all Brian Clough fans know, where there is a Derby version it must be followed by a Nottingham one.

The East Midlands big trio of Derby, Forest and Leicester have all been classed as England’s best team during my lifetime…and Cloughie was responsible for two of those.

Dilly Ding and Dilly Dong or Claudio Ranieiri, as he is also known, is responsible for the other title success so I will be asking my Leicester expert, Shepshed Pete, for overpubbed Leicester suburbs.

Beeston is far bigger than Shardlow and a town in it’s own right but it certainly isn’t short of boozers.

There are plenty to take your pick from and I’ve barely scratched the surface with trips to The Jolly AnglersThe Star InnThe Malt Shovel and The Cricketers.

A train station, Nottingham University and the presence of the Beeston canal means there are plenty of ‘tourists’ to add to the pub economy but I reckon the  652 – Boat & Horses NG9 1LP is still very much a locals pub.

It’s in the Beeston Rylands area of town, which may mean Stirchley Pete has moored his boat there and indulged in the odd pint of Neck Oil in the past.

This place is tucked away on the backstreets surrounded by lots of chimney pots and looked what you’d call a solid, community pub.

It’s steeped with impressive sporting history as William Scotton was landlord back in 1879 and went on to play for Notts County FC but more famously Nottinghamshire CCC and then England, including test series’ in Australia. 

The place has had a lick of paint since then but Scotton would be pleased to see it still looks like a pub.   The beer garden was packed and there was plenty of bona fide bench seating in the two rooms.

The gaffer as friendly, the Harvest Pale (Castle Rock) was in good nick, there was sport on the TV in the background, and the posters advertising curry night, steak night, fish and chips night suggest this is a pub that is working hard in its local community.

Of course, the bourgeoisie boaters who come in such as Pete Allen like some essential reading material along with their Sunday Roasts and The Boat makes sure they are catered for too.

In a nutshell, a proper pub with plenty of history and another tick on the Beeston map…another gloriously overpubbed area!

12 thoughts on “When The Boat (And Horses) Comes In

  1. Coincidentally, our next boating trip will take in both Leicester and Nottingham, but it’s unlikely we’ll stop at the Boat & Horses…unless something goes wrong with the boat (or the canal)!
    I expect that we’ll sample the delights of the Steamboat and/or Trent Navigation and our next stop will be in Nottingham by the Canalhouse. Sadly, Beeston is half way between the two!
    However, I’ll try and convince the crew to make an ‘unscheduled’ pitstop as it looks like it’s worth a look!

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  2. BB, in a week when we are experiencing what the future of cricket might look like it’s interesting that you mention William Scotton. Nowadays slow scoring batsmen are normally met with the obligatory ‘Oi Sibley, gerronwivit’ !! from a cricketing expert halfway back in the Eric Hollis stand. However things were very different when the former landlord of the Boat and Horses was blocking everything that was going to hit his stumps and leaving everything that wasn’t. Obviously social media wasn’t an outlet for folk to vent their spleen back then so Punch magazine published the following poem decrying Mr Scotton’s batting approach. FYI Walter Read was the Jos Buttler of the day and Grace is WG and not Prince Rainier’s missus….

    Block, block, block
    At the foot of thy wicket, O Scotton!
    And I would that my tongue would utter
    My boredom. You won’t put the pot on!
    Oh, nice for the bowler, my boy,
    That each ball like a barndoor you play!
    Oh, nice for yourself, I suppose,
    That you stick at the wicket all day!
    And the clock’s slow hands go on,
    And you still keep up your sticks;
    But oh! for the lift of a smiting hand,
    And the sound of a swipe for six!
    Block, block, block,
    At the foot of thy wicket, ah do!
    But one hour of Grace or Walter Read
    Were worth a week of you!

    Sadly there’s no happy ending to the story, he slit his own throat in 1893 😱

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  3. Plenty of great beer around there. I like Castle Rock which goes down well in a warm day. Interesting to reflect on your champions triple. May be a while before Mansfield join that list.

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  4. I can’t wait for a fresh post as my wife and I fly out early tomorrow (our time) to spend most of our time out of camp with our kids… and our grandkids! (note the plural). So…

    Sadly, not my usual cut and paste comments. Life right now is… busy! I won’t be back to my normal routine until late September. I shall leave you with this… a link to a few photos as to what is going on with me:


    From left to right in the link above:

    – My trip to have dinner with my darling wife in the other camp (yes, we have two camps where we work and they put me in one – for freight mainly as that is part of my job – and Rose in the other – as she is in charge of the main camp). A 20-minute helicopter ride to get there and I took the front seat as I was in charge of ‘my’ camp at that time. 🙂

    – Me and my darling wife, at ‘my’ camp. I hit upon a genius solution to being apart in camp. I find something that is broken and she comes down from her camp to fix it… and has to stay the night. 😉

    – the two of us in a helicopter that holds 11 (with the pilot) plus luggage. They had to send us on a two hour flight yesterday (plus 8 others) to ensure we could hook up with our charter flight, that couldn’t land due to bad weather near camp, so we would be home in time to fly out tomorrow to see our grandchildren! (note the plural – we are now the proud grandparents of a granddaughter, born June 5th, whom we are going to see on this time out of camp).

    I am posting this to my ‘fab four’; you, Martin, Duncan and Si. And, seeing as how you are the last that I am posting this to, I shall add a bit extra. On my next turn out of camp, my darling wife wants me to accompany her on a drive from camp up to Whitehorse, where she will visit with a potential client for a winter project she wants to implement. This entails driving just over 5 hours south from camp to pick up her truck she has parked at her sister’s place; then driving over 1,200 km to see her cousin in Atlin, BC for a few days, and then on to Whitehorse (only 2 hours away) to see this potential client – and possibly our youngest son – and then just over another 1,200 km back from Whitehorse to Smithers, in time to catch a ride with someone to drive just over 5 hours back to camp for two weeks!

    Never a dull moment with my darling wife. 🙂

    All for now.


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    1. Love this Russ!! Thank you so much for taking the time to send this as hugely appreciated as your comments have, and always will be, valued.
      I can concur as it’s never a dull moment with Mrs BB too although my life seems slightly more serene by comparison.
      I like the Fab Four comparisonwho is your Lennon?!!!


      1. “I like the Fab Four comparisonwho is your Lennon?!!!”

        Absolutely not touching that as I still want to retain commenting rights on all 4 blogs this winter! (LOL)


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