A Quick Pre Cinema Pint In Burton

I know how you enjoy my angst spending ages minutes agonising about blogpost titles so, this time, it does what it says on the tin.

There’s an Ale Trail in Burton during the first weekend in September with around 14 /15 pubs taking part, which promises to be an extravaganza of beer.

The home of brewing still has plenty of top notch hostelries despite quite a few closures over the years and I know the Beer & Pubs Forum sampled the delights pre (first) lockdown) that it has to offer.

Doyens such as Kentish Paul, Mudgie, The Wickingman and Pete Allen all blogged about Burton with lashings of praise but I think I’ve uncovered one that won’t feature on an Ale Trail.

I was having a ‘boys weekend’ with my youngest and had bought tickets for The Croods 2 (it’s a kids movie Russ) but were half an hour early.

I’m not sure how well the readers of the blog know Burton but, whilst it has plenty of pubs, there aren’t that many within a short walk from Cineworld but you can always rely on 655 – The Locomotive DE14 1AX

The Wickingman’s favourite BAFC footballer – Aaron Webster – owned this, but I’m not sure he’s in charge these days. Nonetheless, it’s one of those town centre pubs that is probably for the twenty/thirtysomething brigade.

There were screens dotted everywhere, framed football shirts and all mod cons such as a boxing machine and of course a dart board.

This was the final Saturday before #freedomday so it was table service and the barmaid and I had a quick chat and decided a pint of Worthington Creamflow as the best option.

There were two groups of about four or five couples on the far side enjoying themselves and the drinks were flowing freely on a Saturday afternoon.

It was definitely a place that gets livelier as the day progresses… and welcomes in those younger bloggers such as BRAPA, Tamworth Mark and Martin.

Apparently, it was built for Bass in the sixties but the only Bass (line) you’ll see these days is a virtual one from the DJ Booth of an evening.

However, it is a well-kept place and in terms of a quick pint whilst waiting for Pearl & Dean to appear on the big screen then it did the trick.

Even a sporting theme in the toilets and, to quote the legend Alan Partridge, it was a definite case of Back of The Net after a quickfire Worthington.

This blog covers all pubs, social and sports clubs so one more tick to nudge me closer to 700 and a much better bet than overpriced popcorn or a jumbo bag of fruit pastilles, which was the alternative.

The Locomotive Sports Bar probably won’t trouble too many beer tourists but it has got its place and, more importantly, it is open and selling beer you can drink quite quickly!

17 thoughts on “A Quick Pre Cinema Pint In Burton

  1. It’s basically like whack a mole but with a static target. You just hammer the punch ball as hard as you can until it disappears.
    It’s genius and my lad enjoyed it! There is a warning that you can’t run and hit it as you can imagine someone coming in off a long run on a Friday evening 🥊🥊. Classic town centre pub


  2. Looking back through my blog, I found that the pub where I had encountered the urinal goalposts before was the Roebuck in Burton. Somebody local must have a line in them.

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    1. Either I didn’t use the Gents, at the Roebuck – unlikely as it was the last pub on that memorable crawl, and my last chance for a leak before the train home, OR I was slightly “over-refreshed” and didn’t remember!

      I think the latter is the most probable, but Beer Mat’s photo of the urinal goalposts made me chuckle – as it is ages since I last encountered them. (Must be awful, and unpopular things to clean, though!).

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  3. Beermat I encountered one of those urinal goalposts in a pub in Holland many years ago. A little bit the worse for wear after a few too many Heinekens I decided to test my accuracy and give it my best imitation of Trevor Aylott. In my defence I was pretty true to the original as I p1ssed all over my shoes !! 🤣

    Liked by 3 people

      1. To be fair BB I was a bit spoilt for choice with the long list of Blues strikers who couldn’t hit the proverbial behind of a cow with a stringed instrument. So apologies to anyone I’ve omitted.

        Incidentally I’ve just read the plot of Croods 2 and I couldn’t help but notice the similarity between The Bettermans and your archetypal villa fan

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