Pubs In Parks – Chellaston

You never quite know what’s going to happen with this blogging malarkey.  Sometimes you can find a classic boozer that ticks all the boxes with cask ale, pub history and it sort of sells itself really.

However, I have to say, that posts on pubs that aren’t usually on the Ale Trail generally spark more interest in the comments section, such as my last trip to a Burton town centre pub selling Creamflow and with a boxing machine.

Staying with the theme and it’s time to unleash the first in a series (and very probably last) of Pubs In Parks.

Derby city has some very decent public parks such as Markeaton (old skool paddling pool), Darley (views), Alvaston (Home to Derby BMX Club) and Allestree (biggest park and fishing) but I reckon Chellaston Park is the first one with a bar.

 It’s only been with us since 1995 and is home to Chellaston AFC and the newly formed Chellaston CC (2021) who are also making a base at the park with junior and senior teams.

And here’s the even better news… Chellaston Leisure Limited, a not-for-profit volunteer led organisation, are running 656 – The Crossbar DE73 6TQ and this means you can have a drink six days a week in Chellaston.

All profits are also reinvested back into the park or local community so, theoretically, every pint you buy makes a difference.

Chellaston is a massive suburb of Derby that has surprisingly few pubs so this is a welcome addition although not all residents shared this view.

According to the Derby Evening Telegraph it’s either a disaster or a delight…take your pick and see from the article here

Anyway, it’s not been open long and I spotted it on a recent visit to watch my kids play a sports fixture there, so decided to pop back on a Tuesday evening to check it out properly.

It was around 8pm, the place was a hive of activity with a great atmosphere, and it looks like a good addition to a previously underused park building.

There were people from the football club along with some cyclists, runners and the general public all enjoying that great British pastime of having a pint as part of the refueling process.

CLL have even got their own pilsner on tap but I opted for a bit of Yardbird (Greene King), which was in very good order and enjoyed the buzz around the bar.

It’s new and people are still using the park as before but the issue raised about CCTV and a legitimate place to drink means there is more of a focal point now for people to meet and hopefully that has a positive effect on the park.

I’m hoping this place gets in the GBG just for Duncan, SI and Martin to visit as I can’t imagine they have visited many pubs in parks before…

If this is the future then I like it…dog walking may never be the same again!

10 thoughts on “Pubs In Parks – Chellaston

  1. Pubs and parks are rarely seen together so this is a good find. And home to a football club you say….! I recall a great traditional old East London pub, the Palm Tree, that took me a while to find as the road address was nowhere near the pub. Still need a micro in Derby (Number 189 Allestree) and have my eye on going when Reading play there in late September. Nice post.

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    1. AFC Chellaston – definitely have a junior section…not sure what level senior team are at as very much a parks pitch but could be worth a #groundhop pal as it sells decent beer!
      Saturday is a good shout to get to189 in as later opening hours in the week I think…The Palm Tree sounds remarkably cosmopolitan. I suspect it wasn’t!!

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    1. Like there has neve been people hanging round the park late at night anyway…I’m of the belief this will probably help as CCTV and lit area means less opportunity for nefarious characters to be up to no good.
      However, when it’s in the GBG they may have to make special dispensation for BRAPA!


  2. I’m liking the sound of this concept BB as my seemingly outdated perception of drinking in the park involves youths in hoodies drinking Frosty Jack’s cider and listening to something that I believe is referred to as drum n bass.

    Was the bar particularly busy Beermat as it appears that the bloke in the number 50 shirt is going you hand signals of the best way to get the optimum position for service? It’s either that or I’ve spent too much time watching women’s volleyball at the Olympics !!

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