Atherstone’s Angel

It’s official! Martin has taken over my role as estate/backstreet pub man…The mantle has been up for grabs since the late great Alan Winfield left us and I reckoned I was in the frame.

 However, to be fair to The Wickingman he called it a long time ago that I was gradually being drawn into the gastro/prosecco world so enjoyed by the likes of Dave Southworth, BRAPA, Pete Allen and Mark Shirley.

Paul WME runs me close as he visits lots of gritty pubs whilst Tamworth Mark – with his pub on Tamworth blogs – must also be in the frame as we all know Tamworth only has estate pubs.

Nonetheless, Martin is a GBG guru along with Duncan and Si, which incorporates Brunning & Price pubs along with lots of gastro style, crew company jumper wearing Surrey restaurants.

But, he recently visited both The Cricketers Arms and The Royal George in Small Heath which showed the credentials needed to be a #pubman.

On a recent trip to Atherstone I have to confess, for the first time in LifeAfterFootball history, I actually walked past a pub and took the ‘safer option.’

It was a Sunday at about 4pm and I know nothing about this market town except that Tamworth thinks it’s more pukka. I also recall the football team used to be decent and played at Sheepy Road (I reckon Duncan’s been there) and once beat Hereford in the FA Cup…I also played in a charity game at aforementioned ground against an Emmerdale XI back in the noughties but that’s for another blog!

(toilet humour in The Angel)

So, I rocked up after a football function in Solihull and walked past the New Swan…it was banging with “Pump Up The Jam” by Technotronic blaring out (I kid you not) and loads of noise and people straggling out onto the street.

Normally, this would have been the green light for me to go in but I decided to head for the more placid option at the end of the Market square.

Has my bottle gone?  Has reaching 50 meant I automatically order a pipe and slippers?  Have I finally joined the pashminas and pizzas gang who love a pineapple infused DIPA?

Anyway, my radar took me towards the frequent CAMRA pub of the year winner 658 –  The Angel Ale House CV9 1HA.

In my defence I don’t think there is anything remotely foodie about this pub beyond a packet of scratchings so it is a pukka boozer, but definitely less edgy than The New Swan, or The Vine for that matter.

However, the beer was magnificent and Citra (Oakham Ales) was top class. 

There were people in the pub and also in the Market Square drinking and chatting and there was a good range of ages. 

They also have a top class record player/gramophone (Not the 9 O Clock news anyone?)  

and the landlady decided to put the stylus on and…Robbie Williams emerged with Angels!

I was tempted to shout over for “The Crack” by The Ruts but everyone seemed happy enough with Take That so who am I to argue?

A great boozer on a Market Square that seems to have a nap hand of pubs and I reckon Atherstone would be good value on Friday/Saturday (and possibly Sunday) night. 

A top notch West Midlands/Warwickshire pub that ticks all the boxes and shows me I should be joining CAMRA!

Martin is the new doyen of estate pubs…

12 thoughts on “Atherstone’s Angel

  1. The New Swan does have cask beer – I looked it up on WhatPub half expecting it to have Bass, but it doesn’t.

    I know photos of beer can be misleading, but that pint of Citra doesn’t look crystal clear…

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    1. I shall pay a revisit and take in the new swan on that basis alone… might even throw a few shapes on the dance floor 😃
      It doesn’t look great but it tasted excellent so I suspect it’s my shaky photography 😃


  2. Hi Beermat – Martin has definitely upped the ante as regards the Kenilworth estate pubs and venturing into your Bluenose heartland, he’ll be singing Keep Right On.. before we know it. As for Atherstone, I’ve enjoyed a couple of cracking days out there and still haven’t done the half of it. Always been impressed by the Angel but did have a soft spot for the Dolphin Inn before it closed permanently. Old Swan (timbered Banks’s) and the Maid of the Mill (near one of the canal bridges) add to the heritage interest, and I’d recommend the Blue Boar in nearby Mancetter if you haven’t been there yet. Cheers, Paul

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  3. Some great shouts thee Paul WME (as per usual!) and I will venture into Atherstone again definitely. I am afraid I am the bearer of bad news as I thought I’d roll back the years for the Blues Old Boys today and we won a seven goal thriller against the Wolves Old Boys…
    They needed some Banks’s or Bathams after the game pal!!!


  4. Sadly The Angel was closed on my recent trip into Atherstone. So I had to make do with the disappointing Market Tavern, had one pint and left and made for the New Swan. Appearances can be deceptive BB, from the outside it doesn’t look particularly appealing and sadly it’s worse inside !! Kim and Aggie for example would be horrified by the state of toilets and would undoubtedly begin donning their Marigolds !! There was cask beer and to be fair it wasn’t bad however the clientele in the beer ‘garden’ were odd to say the least. I’m not sure how many branches are on their family trees if you understand what I’m saying. Never mind the soundtrack being Technotronic I’m sure I could hear duelling banjos on my visit. Our departure was hastened by a dog, with every justification, leaving a dirty protest a few feet away from us.

    Not one I’d recommend Beermat

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  5. They go to all that trouble of getting a record player in and play Robbie Williams. still not many boozers you see with a record player, wonder if you can take your own?

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