Feck – It’s The Dog And Hedgehog

You left me in a proper old skool Atherstone boozer, which sold Oakham Ales (hooray), had a record player (hooray) that was playing Robbie Williams on LP (booo).

Nothing against Burslem’s finest of course but Take That and Robbie’s back catalogue wouldn’t get in my top 100 and he’s also a Port Vale fan to boot.

I’m amazed at how many ‘famous’ Port Vale fans there are actually, as when I lived in Stone for three years in the nineties I only saw a sea of red and white.  Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor is a confirmed Vale fan and apparently, Lemmy was also part of John Rudge’s army (but this is unconfirmed).

I’m not sure what Robbie et al would of made of Port Vale’s defeat to Northampton on Saturday, which I went to watch with my lad and was rooting firmly for the Cobblers.

Lemmy might have sung “Die you B**%$**” which was a Motorhead classic at the full time whistle and The North Stand at Sixfields might well have responded with “Take That And Party” to Robbie and the boys.

Anyway enough of this preamble… I am pretty sure Robbie, Phil and Lemmy would have all enjoyed 659 – The Dog & Hedgehog CV13 6JB in Dadlington.

One of these small hamlets that Leicestershire seems to do so well and it’s a belter of a pub that apparently overlooks the site of the Battle of Bosworth.

A population of 301 at the last census and I reckon the Landlord at this pub knows every one of them.

It’s a pub that goes big on food but doesn’t neglect its beer and I had very good pint of Barking Mad (Froth Blowers) and the place was remarkably full on a Tuesday afternoon and pretty much packed to the rafters.

As the barman pulled my pint a jolly Irish geezer appeared (I assume the Landlord) who said “What a magnificent pint. I can’t believe he’s pulled it so well!”

He just oozed charisma and was of the old school shirt and tie brigade but just really vocal and funny. The sort of character you could imagine in “Father Ted” and clearly a character that the staff bounced off, as they were equally as jovial.

(top pint puller)

I said it was amazing at quite how packed this place was and he said he was blessed with so many regular locals and that people travelled quite a distance for food too.

However, in true landlord fashion he reminded me that he also welcomed one or two newcomers every day and with a glint in his eye he mentioned it was a pleasure to see me!

The frontage of this boozer reminded me of the Carpenters Arms in Dale Abbey or The Old Eyre Arms in Hassop and it is magnificent that a pub like this is still delivering great beer, atmosphere and proper pub livery.  Lemmy would have been tucking into a Jack Daniels and Cask Ale whilst talking to the Gaffer – what a pub.

17 thoughts on “Feck – It’s The Dog And Hedgehog

  1. Numerous mentions of the late great Lemmy could almost be described as Overkill !!

    We can All Rise to your knowledge of Port Vale’s famous fans but boy band Blue member and Strictly Come Dancing star Simon Webbe is surely a glaring omission.

    I was looking forward to my first trip to St Andrews since before the pandemic this weekend BB only to receive an email yesterday telling me my ticket for this game and the following fixture had been cancelled due to over running stadium repairs!! Only at Blues.

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  2. I haven’t come across Barking Mad Brewery before, but that’s not surprising in view of the sheer numbers of new breweries around these days. “Lubrication in Moderation” sounds an excellent motto/strapline though, and one to remember when Mrs PBT’s questions my drinking!

    I have to agree with you about big-mouth/big-head Robbie Williams. He definitely doesn’t feature in any of my top 100’s!

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    1. Always good to keep the better half onside I find Paul!!! It’s probably my error pal but it’s Froth Blowers Brewery who are based in Brum…
      Gary Barlow is another who wouldn’t be in my top 100 although he is clearly a talented feller
      Enjoying your blog pal

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      1. It’s me that has beer and brewery the wrong way round, BeerMat. Forth Blowers look like an interesting outfit, having just taken a peek at their website, but I haven’t come across them before.

        Glad you are enjoying my blog, btw.

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  3. Went there on Thurs 22/7 around 2pm and we were amazed at how many people they had inside and outside for a pub that’s not really on the beaten track.

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