Cricket In Holland (Sports Club)

I have to confess there has been a dearth of cricket posts this year and whilst Dave, Russ and Dick can breathe a sigh of relief,, there are at least two readers who like a bit of drinking all day watching cricket in the sun.

Of course, we all know the big attraction of cricket is that it’s the last great sporting occasion where it is perfectly acceptable to get plastered watching any form of the game.

I took Mrs BB and two of the kids to watch Trent Rockets and Birmingham Phoenix last week and I can confirm the Hundred was a big hit for all concerned.

Driving duties meant I soaked it all up (metaphorically) but I could see by about 9pm that the main attraction of cricket is still smashing it socialising for many.

And why not?  However, this is of course a blog about boozers, social clubs, sports clubs and even nightclubs.  But, the latter is unlikely, unless Pete Allen moors his boat outside Brindley Place by mistake.

Earlier this month I saw Beermat junior take a couple of wickets, as Ticknall managed a nice win on a Monday evening against Dunstall CC.

A 20-over game on a Monday evening is just the job and you have the added bonus of somewhere to have a pint with quite a few pubs shutting up shop on this quietest of nights.

Dunstall CC, who currently sit eighth in the Derbyshire County Cricket League Division 1, have three grounds they use.  On this occasion it was off to Barton Under Needwood and ground number 2, home to Barton CC (currently bottom of Division 3 South) and their home ground 661 – Holland Sports Club DE13 8ET.

(Craft Beer & Gin Festival…oh go on then)

I’m bombarding you with stats as that is one of the rules of cricket – you must be a statistician to fully embrace it – ask Duncan he’ll be able to tell you.

It’s certainly a popular place as Barton Rovers FC, Holland Tug of War, Barton CC and Barton Tennis club are all based here and there was a lively five a side game going on the caged area behind the clubhouse.

A pint of Atlantic (Sharp’s) hit the spot and a tour of South Derbyshire for cricket fixtures is one of the best ways to spend a Monday evening.

With it being known as Holland Sports Club, I wondered if I might bump into Dutch Paul who occasionally comments on this blog and spends a fair bit of time in England.

Although he was probably saving his cash for the next time the Netherlands beat England in a one day game, although rumours of a three match test series in Amsterdam to try and boost England’s top order run tally are, as yet, unconfirmed.

Another one ticked off the list and whilst it’s not as picturesque as Lullington or Ticknall, it’s well worth a visit.

10 thoughts on “Cricket In Holland (Sports Club)

    1. Tallest glass I’ve seen – the Robert Wadlo of pint glasses.
      I reckon the Dutch Antilles would be a good winter tour and then Holland in the summer…with any luck we might beat them a for a decade then succumb on a regular basis…

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  1. Is Beermat Junior a pace merchant? Watched some of the Hundred on tv – it’s a spectacle, much better standard than the T20 Blast, and the crowds look exactly what the marketing men hoped for. I don’t have a problem with that but the championship and the 50-over competition have been badly degraded as a result.

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    1. She is quite pacy for 12 – front on action and lots of effort a la RGD Willis, albeit a much shorter run up!
      Totally agree – it’s a bit like all the innovations at the top of football…great I guess if you’re in the Champions League but League CUp/FA Cup/UEFA Cup etc are all downgraded and I fear for 50 over and Championship, which is already shorn of overseas stars.

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  2. Loving the cricket related post Beermat and a perfect opportunity to thrill you with some Dutch related cricket facts. I can almost picture you stiflingly a yawn…

    The Netherlands national team played their first game in 1881 which coincidentally is around the time villa won most of their trophies. Incredibly the Dutch fielded 22 players against Uxbridge cricket club XI but still managed to lose by an innings !! I wonder how many had to remain in the circle during the Powerplay?!! Come to think of it there could have been a Third Men fielding position !!

    I must also doff my cap (a Dutch one of course!!) to a certain Carst Posthuma who was their Jimmy Anderson equivalent around this time. He took an impressive 2,339 wickets at a very economic rate of just 8.66. Worth raising your infeasibly tall glass of Sharps Atlantic to me thinks.

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    1. Love those stats!!! It’s a pre requisite if you follow cricket that you must like stats so I will raise a large Grolsch to Carst who sounds mightily impressive at whatever level he’s bowling at 🏏🏏


    1. Good question…I think so as it is really taking off with girls. Nowhere near as many senior teams as there used to be in the seventies and eighties as habits are changing…I think the short form game will probably survive and thrive whereas the longer form will always exist but probably decrease in popularity.
      Popular with watching parents as (a) it is better than rounders and (b) it is perfectly acceptable to drink throughput the entire game!


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