Solid Estate Pubs #5: The Pheasant Inn

Just as I was lamenting the lack of daytime drinkers in city centre boozers…you can always rely on an estate pub to restore your faith in pubs.

OK, it was at the end of August on a Bank Holiday Monday so I guess it was extenuating circumstances but, 674 – The Pheasant Inn ST15 8HS in Stone was absolutely bouncing.

It’s an old-fashioned terrace corner pub based on Old Road in Stone, deep in Stafford Paul territory.  I lived in Stone for three years back in the nineties (I’m sure I say this in every Stone post) and remembered this place as a ‘proper pub’ for locals and always lively. 

The Phez is a three-roomer and it was gloriously chaotic when I popped in for a pint whilst waiting for one of my ankle biters to finish off a hockey session.

There were some properly wrecked people in here who had enjoyed a lively Bank Holiday including a man in a blue vest and bucket hat and lots of noise, laughter and P*** taking

A three –roomer that was packed I managed to bag a seat as a couple left for a fag and the tight beer range – Pedigree only – was perfect as it was absolute nectar.

Pictures like this speak a thousand words…

…and I cannot describe just how good this place was.   Music TV was on the big screen and some seventies guitar based tunes were on…Mudgie will know…which often prompted some loud singalongs from a few punters.

Apparently, there are dominoes and other pub games available and there was a community feel wit boards and posters everywhere across all three rooms.

The couple who had gone for a smoke returned and the bloke soon sparked up a conversation and we discovered a mutual friend so the conversation flowed.

He moved to the bar for some more pub bantz and a couple of ‘ladies who lunch (excessively)’ entered and looked like they had been lunching long and hard as the noise levels went up even further.

Stone is a relatively well to do place but this is tucked away amongst the flat roofed flats, terraced houses and maisonettes and a big patch of grass without any visible amenities – it just felt old school.

Maybe punters are giving city centres a swerve in favour of spending time in their local pub?  Who knows? But The Phez is an absolute classic of its kind and I defy anyone not to enjoy themselves in a bar like The Pheasant Inn

6 thoughts on “Solid Estate Pubs #5: The Pheasant Inn

  1. Estate pubs and vests go hand in hand BB, it’s regulation wear particularly on warm Bank Holiday weekends, quite often a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is popular accompaniment.

    The beer looked particularly strong, in the one photo it appeared one gentlemen is leaning backwards whilst another leans forwards !!

    I am also a bit worried that you are hanging round with pyromaniacs. The bloke that went out for a fag then proceeded to spark up a conversation with you !!

    Great to see these type of pubs thriving Beermat

    Liked by 1 person

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